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As mentioned in my post last week Winter Running, there is something that I adore about Autumn and fitness. Whether it’s the cool, crisp weather clearing your mind, or the countdown to Christmas – for me it’s the perfect time to reassess your lifestyle and see what changes you can make.

In summer there’s always so much going on that fitness can become a bit of a sideline as we all spend time travelling new countries, visiting friends etc. but October is a month when everyone slows down a little.

So October saw me kick start my fitness again but in November I’m looking to set some new goals with the help of Legacy.

Legacy share my thoughts that Autumn is the perfect time to get motivated and maintain a healthy mind and body – all helped by some colourful, high performance kit. So for November I have 4 goals to try and improve my way of life and to be the best version of myself this month.

My goals are-

  • Complete Insanity strong.
  • Run three times a week.
  • Eat six healthy dinners a week – no more meals out!
  • Complete a yoga workout once a week.

To keep my motivation up I treated myself to some new workout gear, including this outfit from Legacy. If you’d like to join me on your own #LeaveYourLegacy challenge let me know in the comments below.

You can even treat yourself with 30% off all Legacy kit with the discount code – Outsidebeauty30.

Are you challenging yourself this month? What are you goals? What would you like to achieve?

I always love to hear what you think, so why not leave a comment?

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