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Well I am onto Week 5 of My Inner Me Diaries Challenge and am glad to back to it. Last week I missed a few days in a row due to a busy week and a night away with work, so started fresh last Saturday.

In the time that I stopped taking my Beautify Me and Energise Me supplements I definitely noticed a difference. Firstly my sleep was more disrupted and I started to get my mid-afternoon slump again and my skin broke out! So I can safely say that these supplement are working amazingly for me (when I remember to take them)!

I know that quite a few of you were interested in giving them a go yourself so I have some great news! I have an exclusive discount for you – When you buy one pack of Beautify Me or Energise Me you will get one free!

To make the most of this exclusive offer, all you need to do if enter the following codes when at the checkout on

So with these codes you’ll receive one months supply of Beautify Me for the price of two weeks, or two months supply of Energise Me for the price of one!

Have you given these supplements ago? Which would you be most interested in and why?


  1. The Silver Fox

    Thoroughly enjoyed your blog Cat! I’ve got goals but odd ones at that. At only 54 I desperately need a new knee, scheduled for December 1st. Need more of a work out but have to minimize it due to the old knee I was born with that served me well until the mileage got me! Okay, so maybe both will go eventually but for now one at a time; work out to get stronger + rehab, then surgery, rehab and work out again just because I can walk, do stairs, hike with my dogs, etc. and so forth! I really want to do more juicing so I will see how it goes, always looking for new recipes. Added you to my Pinterest board Thanks, I’ll be following you in the shadows hoping you run like the wind knowing I’m shooting for less but earned the right at double your age while wishing you God’s Speed…, Blessings, The Silver Fox, aka; Aashdoda


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