#RealJuice Days 1 & 2

Real Juce Philips Day 1Real Juce Philips Day 1 (3)Real Juce Philips Day 1 (2)

I am currently following the #RealJuice plan created by Madeline Shaw (Millie Mackintosh’s nutritionist) and Phillips*. You can read about the plan here, but for now here’s my days one and two!

Day 1 – Classic Cleanse

To start the week we started with a cleanse. This juice was refreshing yet a little too beetrooty for me. It included;

– 3 Medium Carrots

– 1 Small Beetroot

– 1 Apple

– 2 Stalks of Celery

 Real Juce Philips Day 2Real Juce Philips Day 2 (3)Real Juce Philips Day 2 (2)

Day 2 – Glowing Greens Juice

Now I love green smoothies, I often pack spinach into my smmothies to up the protein count. Plus it’s a great way to get your filly of leafy veg – which isn’t the most interesting of veg! This juice for me was strange on the first sip but became very palatable and refreshing.

– 3 Stalks of Celery

– 2 Handfuls of Spinach

– 1 Pear

– 1/2 Cucumber

– 1 Peeled Lemon

– 1 Handful of Parsley

What do you think of the above juice recipes? Are either of them one you would give a go?


I always love to hear what you think, so why not leave a comment?

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