Organic September with Waitrose


Did you know that by eating one organic meal a week you can help create kinder, greener and better food systems – from more bees and hedgerows, better animal welfare and shorter more trustworthy food chains.

September is now known as Organic September and the Soil Association have launched a “Small Changes, Big Difference” campaign this year to help encourage us all to discover our own favourite organic products. Waitrose, who often champion organic produce, contacted me and asked if I would like to take part in their Organic Challenge. For the past week I’ve been challenged to swap one meal a day to an organic meal.

I headed to my local Waitrose store to stock up on organic produce and was happy to find that all their organic produce is either clearly labelled or displayed separately to non-organic produce making shopping very easy! My weekly shop mostly consists of fresh produce so it was very easy to swap most of these products for organic alternatives. Waitrose even handily have a number or organic recipes on their website for some inspiration.

Waitrose Soil Association Organic September Challange (3)Waitrose Soil Association Organic September ChallangeWaitrose Soil Association Organic September Challange (4)Waitrose Soil Association Organic September Challange (5) Waitrose Soil Association Organic September Challange (6)Waitrose Soil Association Organic September Challange (7)Waitrose Soil Association Organic September Challange (8)  Over the past week Matt and I have eaten probably about 80% organic meals when preparing them ourselves. We recreated a few of our favourite meals such as Sausage and Mash, Tacos and a Roast Dinner, and still have enough produce left to enjoy more organic meals next week. Next week we’re planning on enjoying Spanish Chicken, Salmon Salad with Croutons and Mix Veg Muffins.

We spent around £60 in total and bought enough produce for breakfasts, snacks, lunch and dinners and still have some spare produce for next week; which I was pleasantly surprised at! Obviously organic produce is more expensive than non-organic however if you’re only swapping one meal a week it’s an expense which is totally do-able! If you chose to eat organic salad for lunch for a week, it’s not going to cost much more.

This is why I love the Soil Associations “Small Changes, Big Difference” campaign, because it’s realistic. They know that the majority of people can’t afford to shop organic all the time so suggest to just pick up one organic meal a week. If everyone was to do this, our food chains would be in a lot better state than they are today, our animal welfare would improve and our food will be more nutritious and tastier!

I’m going to be eating 80% organic for another week and plan to make a more conscious effort to include a couple of organic items in my weekly shop from now on.

Have you heard of or taken part in Organic September this year? Do you buy organic produce? If so, which items of your shop do your prefer to be organic?


  1. Lucy Birchall (@lucybirchall)

    Woohoo, love seeing support for Waitrose!
    Their Organic Jumbo Porridge Oats are the BEST. I definitely think there are certain things that it’s always worth going organic for, even if you choose to drink cows milk, going organic ensures no dodgy hormones have been pumped into the cows therefore causing reactions etc….

    Lucy xxx


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