Bootea 14 Day TeaTox | Review & Results

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So my Bootea Textox has finished! Fourteen days of a detox aimed at kick starting your weight loss journey and cleansing your body. I have already posted a One Week Update on my Bootea Teatox but for those who haven’t read that or heard about Bootea a little background –

Bootea is one of these popular “detox teas” that seem to have taken the world by storm over the past six months. My social media streams are filled with celebrities, bloggers, friends, family and acquaintances all talking about how great their Teatox has been, so as with most things I thought I would give it a little try and be a guinea pig.

My colleagues and I ordered Bootea Textox from their website for about £20; which is pretty reasonable as I know some sell for a lot more. Our tea arrived the next day which is a fantastic delivery rate! Boo Tea 14 day teatox detox review 8Boo Tea 14 day teatox detox review 10Boo Tea 14 day teatox detox review 7

We chose the Bootea Teatox because all of it’s ingredients are clearly listed on their website so you know exactly what you are drinking. Some I’ve seen simply describe their teabags as a mixture of herbs – so you have no idea what you’re drinking!

The morning tea didn’t taste the best to begin with, but you soon get used to it. It’s very earthy tasting but not disgusting.

The evening tea is the one with the more interesting ingredients in it! It tastes very much like a peppermint tea so is relaxing and soothing, however the Senna Leaves in it do produce some not so soothing side effects. For those who don’t know, Senna is a natural laxative so the night time tea must be the one which “cleanses” your body!

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The Bootea Textox required you to drink a morning tea each day and an evening tea every other evening while eating healthily and working out. This isn’t some crazy detox in which you just drink tea –that would be ridiculous! Bootea do offer a food plan on their website, however it was a little carb heavy for my liking so I stuck with my usual eating routine which usually consists of fruit for breakfast with a protein shake, lunch is a salad topped with mozzarella cheese and quinoa, snacks are fruit or a small handful of nuts and dinner is chicken with vegetables. I exercised 5 times a week during my two week Bootea teatox.

As you can see this teatox is very simple to follow as you are simply replacing two cups of tea a day with BooTea.


I was actually very surprised with my results as I ended up loosing 6 pounds over 2 weeks. I also noticed that I was incredible less bloated. My stomach was a lot flatter than it had been at the beginning. One of my colleagues lost an inch around her middle and the other lost around 4 pounds.

However I will say this, although I lost 6 pounds I fully expect to put some of this weight back on as I guess that a lot of the weight I lost was purely water weight. This leads me onto the….

Side Effects

I have never been so thirsty in my life as I had been when I was doing the Bootea Teatox. I usually drink 3 litres of water a day – it’s the only liquid I drink apart from tea. Bootea do advice you that you need to drink 3 litres of water a day, however this still wasn’t enough for me. My mouth was always like the Sahara desert and I didn’t stop peeing for two weeks. So as I said earlier, a lot of the weight I lost will be from water weight.

Look away now if you don’t like toilet talk – Because Bootea does have a natural laxative in it it does cause some upset to your bowels. It was about day 4 when I woke up with horrendous cramps due to this laxative effect. Day 4 was definitely the worse but I did experience cramps at various other points in the two weeks. So my advice is that always ensure that a toilet isn’t too far away in the morning when you are doing a Bootea Teatox.

Overall I will say I was pleasantly surprised at how much the Bootea Textox reduced bloating and in my eyes this product is perfect for those wanting to lose an inch or two to squeeze into that little black dress for an event or special occasion. However it is not a miracle weightloss solution.

Have you ever tried Bootea Teatox or a similar product? What were your results like?


  1. Taylor

    This tea made me feel great at first, but on day 3 i started to feel horrible. Lathargic, stomach cramps, and THIRSTY!! So so thirsty…which is horrible! Ive never had such bad cramps n diareah in all my life once the tea really kicked in. I lost weight purely based on the fact that i was either being sick or feeling sick most of the time!


  2. Rachel

    I haven’t tried Bootea, but I’ve been looking into the teatoxes lately. I really appreciate your review to give me some advice on it. I’m thinking about trying the tea from the Teatox Company. These teas also show you all the ingredients and don’t contain Senna leaf which seems to have a lot of controversy around it. Since the Senna leaf is a laxative and I generally work in the morning, I don’t have time to sit on a toilet! Just commenting to thank you for your review and suggest another tea for those who don’t want one that contains the leaf.


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