Rimmel Apocalips | Across the Universe review

Rimmel Apocalips across the universe reviewRimmel Apocalips Across the universe review 2

Rimmel Apocalips Across the River review 7   

I’m a little late on the mark to be raving about Rimmel Apocalips, however as a lover of lipstick and hater of lipgloss, I kind of stayed away from the hybrid that is Rimmel Apocalips; until now.

If you haven’t read about Rimmel Apocalips, they are a very pigmented, very smooth lipgloss-lipstick hybrid. They don’t have the dreaded stickiness of gloss, have the colour of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss – sounds like a dream doesn’t it!

I gave Rimmel Apocalips – Across the Universe* a try; it’s deep red colour was the allure. On my first application; I admit I messed it up a little and thanks to the pigmentation of this product when you go over the lip it is very noticeable and it can be a little tough to remove. However second attempt went a lot better!

I have worn my Rimmel Apocalips a number of times now and am a total convert! Firstly the colour is a dream; a bright letterbox red with a tiny hint of a purple tone in it – the perfect shade for autumn! Secondly; I love the sheen it gives to my lips – I usually wear a matte lipstick, so it’s great to mix it up a little. And lastly; the staying power – its a good one that doesn’t like to budge. The pigmentation of Apocalips means you only really need one application – too many more and it can get a little slippery.

I’ve definitely found my go-to lipstick for Autumn – roll on frosty mornings, crisp orange leaves, big jackets, scarves and boots!

Which Rimmel Apocalips shades have you tried, and which one’s do you recommend? Would you wear a bright red lip?


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