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August mags

1 – If you get dehydrated while working out, you may suffer from bad breath. The lack of saliva makes it difficult to wash away odorous bacteria.

2 – 27% of women in the UK quit execising because they are embarrassed about their breasts, usually because they haven’t found the right sports bra or the correct level of support.

3 – Take to the hills- even if you have no intention ever to run a hilly race, hill training does wonders for your backside, your speed and your physique

4 – Runners should always cross train because it; promotes joint recovery and repair; uses muscles in a different way to recover more effectively; gives you a physical and psychological break from the focus on a single sport that leaves you refreshed and raring to run again; strengthens areas of biomechanical weakness, making you stronger for running.

5 – Swimming is particularly good at working runners’ arms and shoulders improving breathing control and increasing movement and flexibility.

6 – Adding box jumps to your routine could keep you stronger for longer. Research into the effects of G-force on bones showed an impact of 4.2g or greater led to sturdier hipbones – which equals a more robust body all over. Jumping on (and off) a 15-inch-high crate 10 times twice a day creates the G-force to yield results in four months. Sore knees? Walk backwards on a treadmill. The back to front motion strengthens their supporting muscles.

7 – You need to practice yoga for 13 minutes each day to slow down the ageing process. In a study, this amount of kundalini yoga (including mediation and mantra chanting) improved metabolism and reduced inflammatory response, both of which make your body act younger.

8 – You’ll add 3.4 pounds to your belly if you gain one stone. Studies show muscular legs can fend off stomach fat- get get lunging!

9 – There’s a reason McDonald’s chose a red and yellow colour scheme – both these colours have been proven to boost your appetite, particularly red, which signals ripeness, sweeteners and calories.

10 – Breasts move up to 21cm during exercise in a dramatic figure-of-eight motion. A sturdy sports bra cuts swing by up to 78%.

Facts & figures courtesy of Women’s Running & Women’s Health.


  1. Blondeofcarbs

    Some really handy info here lovely especially as I am getting back into fitness it’s good to know, especially about joint recovery I don’t know if it applies considering my knee joint is damaged from an accident but I love cross training xxx


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