Upbeat | High Protein Dairy Drink

 The Good Whey Co Upbeat High Protein Drink Review (3) The Good Whey Co Upbeat High Protein Drink Review (2)The Good Whey Co Upbeat High Protein Drink ReviewThe Good Whey Co Upbeat High Protein Drink Review (4) The Good Whey Co Upbeat High Protein Drink Review (5)

After a tough workout there is nothing better than a refreshing protein drink to enjoy, and Upbeat is one of them.   Some mornings it’s all that gets me through my workout; knowing I get a refreshing refuel afterwards – it’s like a little healthy treat. I’ve recently been supping on Upbeat drinks after a morning workout, as part of my desk breakfast or after an evening workout to keep me going until dinner.

Upbeat High Protein Dairy Drinks* are refreshing and filling. With the consistency somewhere between a milkshake and a yoghurt drink it’s easy to gulp down on the go but the high protein content ensures that it actually fills a hole and leaves you satisfied.

So what’s in Upbeat drinks? Well at little as possible, which is one of the reasons I’m a big fan. There are many “healthy” protein drinks out there that are filled with ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce never mind know what they are. Upbeat Drinks are made from three ingredients – fresh whey, fruit puree and fruit juice from concentrate. Plus they are packed with 20g of protein, are a natural source of calcium and contain no more than 150 calories per bottle. And as a person who dislikes the taste of milk I need all the calcium I can get in my diet so these protein drinks are perfect!

I tried the Strawberry and the Blueberry and Raspberry flavour Upbeat drinks whoever there is also a Mango and Passion Fruit flavour that I’m keeping my eye out for!

Upbeat – £1.75 at Tesco, Holland & Barrett, Booths, Co-op and WH Smiths.

Have you ever tried Upbeat Protein Drinks? What did you think? Are there other dairy protein drinks you’d recommend?


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