Stuck in a Rut? Play Makeup Bingo to Mix Things Up

makeup bingo 2

Every girl has probably come up with a go-to look for every occasion, mastering beautiful neutral makeup for easy day-to-night transitioning, or selecting the perfect shade of natural lipstick to go with their favourite smoky eyes. Years of doing our own makeup teaches us just what looks good on us, but after a while, wearing the same looks can prove to be rather boring. I know I’m guilty of sticking to the same old neutral eye and bold red lip!

We often scour magazines for new looks and inspiration, and emulate celebrities to get their signature looks – but why not come up with our own varied looks by experimenting with mixtures of different styles. A game of Makeup Bingo makes this possible, by giving a great platform for experimentation.

Bingo has often crossed paths with makeup, but only because cosmetics have been a rather obvious choice for prizes in the past. Recent research has shown that the average bingo player is a 38-year old woman – the perfect market for cosmetics companies as well – and this has led to various female-oriented themes showing up in bingo games. Award-winning bingo portal Iceland Bingo even has a featured game called “Makeover Magic”, a slot game that features cosmetic products, jewellery, and fashion items.

Similarly, Makeup Bingo is a play on the traditional bingo card, albeit the game is played a bit differently! To create your own looks, simply list down five different looks you’d like to try for each makeup area, and arrange them in a bingo card, like the below:

makeup bingo

You could use this card as a guide or create your own from magazine clippings, blog posts and YouTube tutorials. Simply number each item on the list 1-5, and when the time comes to begin constructing your look, simply roll a die and wear what look the number corresponds to. You can even create bingo cards for different occasions, creating one for Work, or for Girls’ Nights Out. This is an excellent way of practicing all the different looks you could have, and a great way to get out of the rut that wearing the same looks everyday can put you in!

Are you guilty of sticking to the same make-up looks all the time? What do you think of Make-up Bingo as a way of pushing you out of your comfort zone?

*This is a guest post – image#1 – Source


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