Workout Wednesday // Five

ww 5

There’s nothing I love more than great arms! I’m not talking big bulky arms, I’m talking nice toned Jennifer Aniston style arms.

The great news is that arms are one of the easiest part of your body to tone up and build up, so grab those dumbbells, kettle bells or tins of beans and get going with the workout below. workout wednesday 6

This workout is courtesy of Pop Sugar and works multiple muscle groups in the arms, giving you sexy sculpted arms and shoulders. Head to the workout by clicking the link below-

Get Ripped Fast! Best Arm Exercises with Weights>>>

There are 14 different moves that work your arms, and if don’t regularly you’ll see a difference in no time! Drop me a tweet if you try this or a different arm workout this week @BeautHealthBlog

What’s your favourite part of your body to workout? Which are your favourite arm exercises?


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