Workout Wednesday// Three

workout wednesday 2

They say that big changes come from small steps -So why not start on your first steps. I’m all about small changes daily. I always try to find new habits to create that help me become a healthier person. One of my most recent steps is my morning workout regime straight out of bed.

Each morning I wake up then drop to the floor and hold a plank for as long as I can, followed by a series of leg exercises and 20 pushups. I then do 100 squats while brushing my teeth. Since I started my mini wakeup regime I have already improved my performance and feel tighter in the areas I’m working on.

So this Workout Wednesday I’m asking you to create your own mini wakeup regime. It doesn’t have to be many moves, maybe start with 20 reps of one move for a week and see how you feel.

As they say – “There is no such thing as a bad workout – every workout counts”

Perhaps you could focus on an area you don’t feel very confident about and pick a move you know will help tone it. If you’re all out of ideas, here’s a little suggestion below.

workout wednesday

Once you commit to carrying out your mini wakeup regime each morning, you will notice changes within two weeks – whether it’s some toning or a build up of strength. Just make sure you don’t make your regime complicated, keep it simple and keep it short – you don’t want to overwork yourself as soon as you wakeup!

Do you have you’re own mini wakeup regime? Perhaps you prefer some gentle stretching or yoga? Let me know which moves you aim to do each morning!

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