Workout Wednesday // One

push up challenge 

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m always impressed by women doing pushups. They’re seen as being a “man” workout, yet for such a simple move they are really effective and very beneficial to women too!

For the past three weeks I’ve been doing pushups every evening in an attempt to build up the strength in my arms and shoulders in preparation for Total Warrior on Saturday. Pushups look simple, yet they are in fact quite difficult to master – but as with everything if you practice them little and often you’ll soon build up your strength. For women, pushups helps create those gorgeous Jennifer Anniston arms and work our abs and chest, which improves posture and lifts boobs.



I admit I do a mixture of full pushups and modified ones where I use my knees for additional support, as I haven’t yet built up loads of strength. However since I started three weeks ago my strength has come on leaps and bounds, and I’m already noticing a big difference in the tone of my arms and chest. To improve my performance further,  I’m going to give the pushup challenge below a go and complete it doing full pushups!



Do you incorporate pushups into your workout routine? Do you see the effect of them?


  1. Emma

    I do competitive cheerleading and we have to do push ups every training for conditioning as well as other conditioning exercises. When I first started 4 years ago I was dreadful but now I can do push ups with a lot more strength and all the variants have become a lot easier. It does give you a lot of strength. My faves are diamond press ups. Good luck with your push up challenge! Xxx


  2. Bethan

    I love push ups! I do admit that I do the modified version, but I am fastidious about making sure my upper body form is spot of to get the most out of each set – they are hard, and I can feel that I’ve done them for days, but they make me feel so strong and like a total bad ass!


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