Sweet Treats with go ahead!

healthy strawberry cheesecake bites 5 go ahead healthy snacks  go ahead healthy snacks 1

Snacking for me is an important part of a healthy diet. Everyone’s diet is different, but I’ve found that snacks stop me getting too hungry and over eating when it comes to my meal – I’m very much a little and often eater. In fact I have to be careful as I can easily graze all day – which isn’t too healthy! So three small meals and 2 snacks is the way forward.

Now usually my snacks consist of fruit, yoghurt, carrots or smoothies, however every now and again strawberries, grapes and yoghurt just don’t satisfy my incredibly strong sweet tooth, so I head straight for a ‘healthy’ sweet treat – now I’m not saying I don’t eat the odd biscuit or piece of cake – it’s kind of impossible to avoid them in my office, however I always ensure that chocolate, sweets and icecream do not have a home in my cupboards at home! Instead I stock up on “healthy” treats such as go ahead! bars*.

Now I say these are a ‘healthy’ sweet treat with the inverted commas, because if you’re a clean eater, then they aren’t the best – as with ALL bars they do contain sugar which comes from the carbs, fruit and toppings that these bars have. However I’d much rather grab a go ahead! bar than a bar of chocolate. Compared to my favourite chocolate bars go ahead! bars contain a hell of a lot less fat, sugar and calories, so I can have my sweet treat without completely sabotaging my healthy diet and workouts.

The Chocolate Thins bar is definitely a favourite of mine, and is best enjoyed in the evening, relaxing in the garden with a giant mug of tea and a read of my favourite blogs – the perfect end to the day!

What are you favourites ‘healthy’ sweet treats? Have you ever tried go ahead! bars?


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