Lost & Detached – A Life Without A Phone

lost without my phone 1

I have a problem – I have broken my iPhone.

However I have a bigger problem – I appear to be addicted to my phone.

Yesterday my phone took a quick dip in the sink and has since been hiding out in a bag of rice in a desperate attempt to get it to work again. Yesterday was the first day in a very long time that I did not have my phone permanently less than 5 metres away from me, and I felt lost. I didn’t have a clue what my friends and family were up to, I also didn’t have a clue how people I haven’t spoken to in five years were spending their Sunday,  I didn’t even know what people I have never met were enjoying for their dinner!

It wasn’t until the evening when I realised I didn’t have my usual alarm to wake me up in the morning  – I had to figure out how to set the alarm on my boyfriends alarm clock, then spent the night panicking that we would have a powercut and the alarm would fail to go off in the morning.

This morning I had to navigate myself to work on two trains without knowing if they were delayed or which platform they would be coming in on. I also didn’t have music to listen to or the daily mail app to browse during my journey.

When my boyfriend emailed to tell me he would meet me at the train station after work I spend 10 minutes waiting for him outside with no luck before heading to the platform to find he’s been waiting for me there! lost without my phone 5lost without my phone 3lost without my phone 4

Not having my phone has made me realise how much I rely upon it – how much I feel like it need it to live my life – when in fact I can manage!

Not having a phone for a day has left me with my own thoughts, has made me look up and take in my surroundings, it’s made me live in the moment and not waste it reading about other peoples moments. I’ve taken the time to actually start reading a new book today rather than scroll through Twitter and I’ve remembered the simply joy of a good book.

God knows how productive my life would be without the internet full stop! My evenings could be spent going for a walk, enjoying the quiet tranquillity of my garden, I would read many more books, enjoy a bath, spend an hour relaxing with yoga and talk more to my better half. It would be a very simple life, yet in the same breath – without the internet I would not have this blog that I love so much, the friends I’ve made over social media, or my exciting career and livelihood which pays for my beautiful new home.

I have another two days of a phone free life which I plan to make the most of and not waste wishing I had my little metal comfort blanket. I hope that this mini phone detox will help me rely upon it less and make me second think instinctively grabbing  throughout the day – however I can’t promise you anything!

Have you ever taken a break from your phone? How did you feel? Are you addicted to technology like I am?

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  1. annatha. (@prattleandfroth)

    I really enjoyed this post, I think so many of us simply need to hold our phones without even noticing we’re doing it- they’ve become an extension of ourselves. It’s good to take some time away from it (even unintentionally!) to see how much we rely on them! xx


  2. Amber

    Really enjoyed reading this post! It’s so true, I’m glad I had a childhood before technology because the kids these days get iPads at 6 years old and its just crazy! I have to admit though I am pretty addicted and need to start doing blackouts but its always that idea that I’m going to miss out on something or I’ll get an exciting e-mail or tweet & I always have to keep checking haha!


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