Healthy Breakfasts for the Summer

 healthy breakfast ideas for summer - pancakes, granola greek yoghurt

There is nothing I love more in summer than al fresco dining. It really is a luxury to us British to be able to eat outdoors, so when the weather is good I do it as much as possible. For me breakfast is one of the best meals to enjoy outdoors, I’m not taking weekdays when I’m rushing around grabbing a banana as I run out the door to work. I’m talking Saturday or Sunday morning after coming in from a run and making a healthy colourful breakfast to enjoy in the sun in peace.

A healthy breakfast in the summer couldn’t be easier to create – who wants a stodgy bacon bap or a greasy Full English when you could enjoy fresh, juicy strawberries with fluffy pancakes or creamy cooling yoghurt topped with crunchy, tasty and nutritious granola. So I’m sharing with you two of my favourite super healthy breakfasts made for sunny summer days!healthy no carb gluten free two ingrediant pancakes clean pancakes

Pancakes are a favourite of mine – Two Ingredient Pancakes are even more favourable! Knowing I can get my pancake fix and not fill up on sugar and carbs makes me very happy! These Two Ingredient Pancakes are carb free, gluten free, extremely healthy and easy to make. Simply grab one banana, two eggs and a sprinkle of cinnamon (technically a third ingredient) put them all in a blender and blitz until smooth. Take your mixture, fry in a pan as normal and top with your choice of toppings – for me nothing beats giant juicy strawberries! believe cereal beauty breakfast cereal review healthy granola

For those who prefer a little less prepping and cooking nothing beats thick, creamy Greek Yoghurt topped with crispy, tasty healthy granola. I’m very cautious with cereals and granolas after learning that many of them are filled with sugar! This is why I love Believe Beauty Breakfast Cereal* which is completely free from artificial sweeteners, artificial colouring and artificial flavourings. Instead this cereal provides you with wholesome delicious nutrition and a giant dose of vitamins, mineral and superfoods to help look after your skin, hair and nails – hence the name Beauty Breakfast Cereal!

This healthy cereal is crispy and sweet, but not overpowering. It doesn’t taste like bird food like other healthy cereals I’ve tried and I love that it’s packed full of vitamins and superfoods – it makes me feel smug just eating it! It’s made up of honeyed oats, coconut, sun-dried blueberries and cranberries and is filled with 17 nutrients such as Selenium, Zinc, Biotin  Vitamin C, D, A, E and B6, Magnesium and Copper! All in all, it’s a brilliant healthy cereal to add to your Greek Yoghurt – making your breakfast protein packed, nutritious and filling!higher living english earl grey tea review

No brekkie is complete without a good cup of tea – yes even on a warm day! I’ve shared with you a number of times Higher Living Teas – and no I don’t love them solely for the cute packaging, however it does help! This time I’ve been trying the Higher Living English Earl Grey* which is a lovely refreshing way to start the day – and perfect for those who dislike green tea (however Higher Livings Green Tea is one of my preferred green teas!)  Their English Earl Grey is part of their new Teapee range which are made using organic herbs and an electric mix of new blends.  The Teapee range have mesh pyramid bags which release a steady flow of flavours meaning you get a great delicious brew!

What are your favourite healthy breakfast for summer? Do you enjoy any of the same products or breakfasts as me?


  1. Isabelle

    I definitely need to try those banana and egg pancakes!!
    Breakfast in summer for me is normally an apple and whatever fruit is ripe and ready to eat in the house, at the moment we have the most succulent and gorgeously sweet peaches to eat up – so yummy!


  2. Natalie

    Oh my god this looks perfect. I eat granola in the mornings cause it’s just so lovely, but mine’s cheap and from Aldi haha! I’m definitely going to be trying that pancake recipe – thank you!


  3. Jenny

    I definitely need to perfect my pancake making as the last one or two always end up much more brown on the outside, annoying! Yours look so lovely though. I’m also going to check out the Believe Beauty range as I am always on the hunt for healthy cereals! I love your blog and have subscribed! xx


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