Taking Backward Steps

backwards steps 2

If health and fitness isn’t your priority you’re never going to progress.

I’ve learnt this the hard way this year. Over the past few months or so my health and fitness became a less important focus in my life. Saving money, buying a house and moving house took it’s toll on my preparation and organisation of my time. Too often I would have a “cheat” weekend and it wouldn’t be until Tuesday or Wednesday that I would revert back to clean eating. I would skip one workout, then the next, and then a whole week. I would write posts about health and fitness and not be following my own advice. I would read past blog posts and wonder where that motivated confident girl had gone.

I was taking backwards steps. I was slipping back into old habits.

backwards steps

I’m not too sure what sparked me to take action and battle against my old ways, It may of been my birthday where I reflected on the “One Year On” blog post I shared on my last birthday. Last year’s birthday post I was proud to share my weightloss story. This year I realised I haven’t made the progress I hoped I would when I penned that in 2013. Reading your own words and wondering where that person has gone is definitely one way to kick you back into gear.

So over the past month I basically shook myself off, had a few stern words with myself and “jumped back onto the bandwagon”. I’ve noticed my fitness levels have decreased compared to what they were, I’m missing my toned arms and legs I had worked hard to create, however this time I have something I didn’t previously have – the knowledge that I can do it! I may have taken a few backwards steps but I’m not back where I started, I’m just not where I wanted to be.

I now know what it takes to get fit and healthy, I know what it takes to build toned arms, I know what preparation it takes to ensure I eat healthily. I have the tools and knowledge, I just need the willpower to put them all into practice like I used to do. Thankfully I have Total Warrior in 40 days to get fit for to ensure I stay on track!

backwards steps 3

I’ve made a few mistakes, but I’ve also realised my mistakes! So the next 40 days are going to be tough. The next six months are going to be tough. But I’ve promised myself, that come my birthday next year I’m not going to be disappointed on my lack of progress. I want to have a new progress picture that I can proudly share!

So any help and motivation is much appreciated. If you know of any fab fitness or health blogs that I need to read please share them below. Any recipes that you love, any workouts you recommend, please let me know in the comment below!


  1. heteroheroine

    Well done for writing such an honest post! I’ve realised a similar thing about my own health and fitness recently, but the best thing is realising and making changes to get back on track!
    I love Jillian Michaels 30 day shred – so good at getting me back into loving exercise after a slow period!


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