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I am a huge advocate of working out in the comfort of your own home. It makes working out in the morning a hell of a lot easier as your journey to your gym goes from travelling across town to simply walking downstairs!

So if you decide the gym isn’t an environment you feel like working out in then perhaps it’s time to create a gym at home. Now space is often a big indicator in how much of a home gym you can create, however even if you have a small amount of floor space you can workout from home.

My suggestions on which equipment to invest in is as follows;

Free Weights

Girls who lift weights look great! It’s a fact of life! The more muscle you have the more calories you burn throughout the day – who doesn’t want to burn calories while sat on their bum! You don’t need to invest in a weight bench, only a selection of free weights. I have some cute ones from Davina’s collection of workout equipment. All I do in use YouTube to find some toning workouts from Tone It Up, XHit, or Blogilates and use my weights to tone up! Cardio strips away your fat and strength workout ensure you have a great toned body underneath your fat – you should be doing both cardio and strength workouts to get the healthiest, fittest body.

Yoga Mat

You shouldn’t be doing any form of sit-ups, crunches, or floor exercises without the proper support and a carpet just won’t do. It’s best to buy a yoga mat to ensure your spine has the support it needs. It makes floor routines a lot more comfortable – trust me!

Cardio Machine

Machines for cardio include exercise bikes, cross trainers (or ellipticals) and treadmills.

I own a cross trainer which I love to use on days when the weather isn’t so great and I don’t feel like running in the wind and rain. Cross Trainers are great because as the title suggests they exercise a whole host of muscles in your body, while raising the heart beat and making you sweat! Your legs, bum, arms and core all get a workout on a cross trainer.

I think that an Exercise Bike is the most common at home exercise machine thanks to the little floor space these machines take up. Most people I know at least own an exercise bike. Exercise bikes are also good for those who struggle with aches and pains in their joint and can’t partake in high intensity cardio workouts such as running. An exercise bike is also great for a “lazy” workout whereby you can set up your machine in-front of the tele and watch your favourite TV show while working out – a great way to pass the time if you get bored while working out on exercise machines. Exercise bike offers can be found here.

My mum owns a treadmill which I love to use while there. I find that doing intervals on a treadmill makes the time go quickly and I can work on my speed on a treadmill. Nothing beats running outdoors, but a treadmill is a good way to ensure you still train even when the weather is awful!

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Foam Roller

Now after all that working out in your home-gym you need to look after your muscles and ensure they have the proper TLC they need. A foam roller helps stretch out your muscles, get rid of those little niggles in your back, legs or bum and help reduce lactic acid build-up to ensure you aren’t extremely stiff and sore the day after your

workout. Foam rolling is essentially giving yourself a mini massage after your workout to keep you supple and ready for the next workout!

Which equipment do you use to keep fit at home? What are your favourite cardio machines?

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