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We all like to look cute while working out – it does help the motivation. I’m sure you’ve got the colourful trainers, the cute T-shirts, comfy running tights, and stylish gym bag however what about your towel? Have you ever given your gym towel a second thought? Or do you simply grab a hand towel, or make use of the blue paper towels supplied at the gym?

I used to use a small towel when at the gym, however I always forget which side I’d just wiped my face with and which side I’d just wiped down the gross machine with… a nightmare for my skin! I used to also leave things on exercise equipment and not realise until I’d left the gym – there’s many times when I’ve left my room key on a machine and managed to lock myself out of my hotel room at 6.00am – not a great start to the day! So when I saw the Towelmate Fitness Towel* I knew it was something I needed to complete my gym kit! Plus if it’s good enough for Rhianna, Blake Lively and Rachel Bilson – it’s definitely good enough for me!

Firstly the towel is very cute – hot pink on one side and black on the other, with clear labels to show you which side is used for which – no more wiping your face and the gym equipment with the same section of your towel.  Plus the Towelmate Fitness Towel is 100% cottons, absorbent and has Germ Shield Technology which means that it reduces contact with gym germs. So you’re less likely to pick up any nasty colds and it will help keep your skin blemish free!

The biggest advantage to the Towelmate Fitness Towel for me is the hidden, zippered storage pocket. As I mentioned – I have an awful habit of leaving my valuables in various machines in the gym, so this hidden pocket ensures that all my valuables – phone, room key, money, keys are kept in one safe place – out of view of everyone! The pocket is also sweat proof so any moisture does not seep through to your valuables – keeping your iPhone in full working order!

Towelmate Fitness Towel is a firm staple in my gym kit now – it keeps my stuff safe and keeps me clean, dry and away from nasty germs on shared gym equipment!

Towelmate Fitness Towels are available at Mayfair & Fifth.

Do you have a Towelmate Fitness Towel? What are your thoughts? If not, what do you use at the gym to keep you clean and away from germs?


  1. Natasha

    What a clever idea! Especially the little pocket for valuables. The amount of times I forget my padlock and I have to take my purse etc out of my bag and carry around with me. This is a great solution, I wonder if it comes in other colours…I’m not a pink person. xx
    Tash | Ballet, Dance & Fitness


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