Blistex Hydrating Intensive Moisturiser

  blistex intensive moisturiser-1 blistex intensive moisturiserblistex intensive moisturiser-2

As a lipstick lover who wouldn’t dare leave the house without a colour on my lip, my lips need a little extra TLC which I’ve found with Blistex Hydrating  Intensive Moisturiser*

With daily wearing of lipsticks and reapplying them throughout the day I find that my lips do get a little dry due to dry skin building up and them not getting much “fresh air”. When they are naked and without a layer of lipstick over the top they are unprotected and dried out from running outside with our crazy unpredictable weather! As a result my lips require a little love and care, so I was very thankful for Blistex Hydrating Intensive Moisturiser.

Lips don’t produce natural oils of their own, so it is really important to use a quality lip balm regularly. I’m sure that many of you use product that are made up of petroleum jelly which creates a temporary barrier between your lips and the elements, but they don’t actually give them the nourishment they need. It’s best instead to use a lip balm such as the Blistex Hydrating Intensive Moisturiser which contains ingredients that your lips will love!

I apply a layer of Blistex Intensive Moisturiser in the evening and it has become a firm staple in my evening skincare routine. I leave the balm to do it’s work over night and awake in the morning with soft lips and a gorgeous pout! I couldn’t recommend this balm enough, it’s really made me think about caring for my lips. You can feel the balm working straight away as it tingles a little upon application. It isn’t sticky, it just glides on comfortably and works like a dream!

Which lip products do you use to protect and repair them? Have you ever tried any Blistex products?

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