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Did you know that the salad you enjoy with a feeling of pride for your healthy choice, may not be as healthy as you think. Did you know that some salad dressings can be loaded with sugar, high fat ingredients and be more calorific than you think! So as with all things, the best way to manage your healthy diet is to actually make the food yourself!

By making your own healthy homemade salad dressings you can control the food you eat, the fat you consume and take the guessing game out of healthy eating!

Now that summer is on it’s way a healthy salad is my lunch of choice and no salad is complete without a tasty healthy homemade salad dressing – this is where my Zinge Anything Salad Zinger* comes in handy! Up until I had my Salad Zinger my dressings consisted of plain balsamic vinegar, however now I have a variety of tasty dressings to keep my salads interesting!

Zinge Anything Salad Zingers could not be easier to use – plus they give you a range of recipes to get you going, so you don’t even have to guess how to make a healthy salad dressing – all you need is the ingredients! Simply fill the bottom section of the salad zinger with your fresh flavourings and fill the top half with olive oil or vinegar. The flavours from the bottom section seep into the oil or vinegar and infuse it with a fantastic flavour! The bottom mounted grinder retains the ground ingredients and allows the flavours to travel through your dressing. So now I have healthy homemade salad dressings that are exciting, fresh and fun! My favourite salad dressings so far are a spicy chilli oil and the Italian dressing.

Now I love this product so much, and believe it’s helped me pick healthier lunches that I am giving away one Salad Zinger with the help of Root7 to one of you lucky lot! Boring lunches will be a thing of the past!

To enter simply follow this link >>>

Zinge Anything  have a wide range of products that I’m desperate to try – hello Vodka Zinger and the Aqua Zinger – some exciting drinks to be made with them!

Have you every tried any of the Zinge Anything products? Are they something that would make our healthy lifestyle more flavourful?


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