Karrimor Great Trail Challenge 2014, Keswick

karrimoor great trail challenge 2014 1

Now I know the title of this post talks about a race, but lets just be clear – I have not been running up mountains – my mum and brother have, so it only seemed fair to go and support them. Today Matt and I made the two hour drive back up to the motherland and to the beautiful market town of Keswick to support my mum and brother in the Karimoor Great Trail Challenge. My mum and brother entered as it’s “only an 11k race”. Yes it’s only 11k, however it’s 11k involving a huge climb up a fell to over 300metres above sea-level. If the ascent wasn’t enough today’s temperatures also got to about 20c, so Matt, my step-dad and I stood on the side lines and cheered our hearts out for the runners.

karrimoor great trail challenge 2014 9karrimoor great trail challenge 2014 10 karrimoor great trail challenge 2014 11karrimoor great trail challenge 2014 14

My brother passed the finish line first (between her and my brother – not the entire race), in just over an hour – He even managed a sprint finish! My mum came shortly after and finished in 1 hour 34 minutes – she even managed to run her quickest mile to date during the race! They both passed the finish line without any injuries or pains and with lots of talk about how insane the ascent up the fell was. My mum enjoyed the race compared to others she’s done however my brother wasn’t so keen – showing that all runners have their forte. We decided to take a stroll into town to ensure there was no lactic acid build up in their legs and to quench everyone’s thirst – spectating can be hard work! (joke!) Thankfully my work have an inn in town which has just been fully redeveloped so what better excuse to pop in and see the new look!  royal oak keswick 5royal oak keswick 6royal oak keswick 4

Any inn that welcomes dogs and muddy boots is a winner for us! Especially when we had two sweaty (and smelly) runners in our group! We entered The Royal Oak at Keswick, took a seat, ordered some drinks and browsed the menu which was filled with some very tempting nibbles! I’m looking forward to coming back and trying one of the platters! karrimoor great trail challenge 2014 15royal oak keswickroyal oak keswick 2royal oak keswick 1royal oak keswick 7

We sat and enjoyed our drinks and shared stories on the many runners and walkers who took part in the race. My mum and brother swear they’re are going to do it again next year and have even planted the thought in my head – although I’ll see how Total Warrior goes in August!

One big thing I learnt today is that there is no such thing as a typical runner!

Today we saw runners from the age of 15 to the age of 65. We saw males, females, youths. People running alone, people running as a couple (even holding hands across the finish line) and running in groups. People with all sort of body shapes and sizes – tall and thin, short and curvy, tall and stocky, small and dainty – no matter what size you are everyone can run and take part in an organised event. It was even great to see everyone’s running technique – as I’m sure we’ve all wondered what we look like when we run and today I learnt that everyone runs differently – there’s no one posture or technique – everyone runs their own way!

Listening to what my mum and brother say I would recommend this race to anyone who can run a 10k and wants a challenge! The ascent was difficult for even the elite runners – many marched rather than ran up it – however the mixture of terrains and the scenery make this a very interesting race.

Have you taken part in any races you would like to recommend to others? Have you every tried a trail run?

I always love to hear what you think, so why not leave a comment?

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