52 Lists // Twenty Two

 52 lists project 52 lists week 22

1. Peaceful early morning runs

2. The smiles and nods from other runners

3. Any little dog looking for a cuddle or scratch behind the ear

4. The way Matt smiles at me

5. Drinking tea at the optimum temperature

6. Seeing new comments on my blog

7. Little random texts and calls from my family and friends

8. Feeling amazingly content in my new house

9. Al fresco dinner with Matt in our garden

10. My favourite song coming on the radio while driving

11. Enjoying a good cocktail with my favourite people

12. Drinking champagne on a weekday – because why the hell not!

13. Exchanging “Good Morning’s” with strangers

14. Baking cakes

15. The calming high of a really good yoga flow

16. Watching the world go by out of the window

17. Signing at the top of my voice to my favourite songs – much to Matt’s annoyance

18. Cuddling my mum

19. Freshly painted nails

20. Finding money in my pocket or bottom of my bag – especially when close to pay day!


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