Misfit Shine Activity Tracker | Review

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Nike Fuel Bands, FitBits and now Misfit Shine – activity trackers are all the range in the world of fitness. So I jumped at the chance of giving Misfit Shine* a try, especially after seeing it’s gorgeous new colours; Topaz and Champagne – I went for Champagne.

So you may be asking what is Misfit Shine? What are activity trackers?

Well Misfit Shine is a very clever little gadget that you can wear anywhere on your person – there are various accessories you can buy that accommodate this activity tracker – that monitors your movement throughout the day and night. Misfit Shine syncs to your phone via Bluetooth and gives you a clear breakdown of your activity over the day – how many miles you’ve walked, how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burnt, and it also monitors how you slept over night.

I love my Misfit Shine as it can be worn quite discreetly on my wrist, shoe, belt or even swimsuit – if I ever took the plunge and went swimming! It has a battery life of four months and as you’ve probably guessed its waterproof thanks to it’s solid block of air-craft grade aluminium design. I wear my Misfit Shine on my wrist each day and use it to remind myself to move more! You use the app to set yourself a target number of points to achieve which are worked out by the amount of calories you burn through movement. My points are hit if I run for 45 minutes a day and make sure I’ve walked around the office when possible or took a stroll on my lunch break. Working in an office means that I do sit for prolonged periods of time and my Misfit Shine has made me more aware of this and encouraged me to move more during the day as well as workout!

The Misfit Shine app also helps you keep track of your food intake as you can take photos of your food and it stores them on each day for your record. The app also keeps a record of your sleep quality and works by allowing the Misfit Shine to monitor your movement during your  sleep – from restless sleeps to those deep comas we slip into at times!

Misfit Shine is a winner for me firstly for it’s ability to monitor all different type of activity – swimming, cycling, tennis, basketball, football, running and even yoga! Yes this little fitness tracker has managed to pick up short yoga flows I have been carrying out – showing that it is very effective at monitoring your movement. Secondly it’s a winner because of it’s design! Misfit for me looks better than other activity trackers I’ve seen and is the least intrusive thanks to it’s sleek design. It looks more like a piece of jewellery than a gadget, is comfy and slides easily up sleeve for when you’re at work! It came to be no surprise when I found out that Misfit Wearables is co-founded by former Apple CEO John Sculley – there is definitely a touch of Apple in the design with its simplicity and sleekness. I love my Misfit Shine and enjoy wearing it every day. It has definitely made me more aware of my movement and activity  throughout the day. I’m planning on buying the Bloom Necklace so I can wear it as a piece of jewellery inside a stylish necklace.

The Misfit Shine is available from John Lewis for £79.95.

Have you tired Misfit Shine? Do you use any other activity trackers? What do you think of them?


  1. Kirsty

    I bought the fitbit one but returned it as it only really tracks steps (whereas I often cycle) and I didn’t feel I could justify the price tag. This seems like a better all-rounder though xx


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