A home of my own

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We finally did it! We bought and moved into our first house. Those of you who read my blog regularly will have been following my progress and troubles of buying a house. After nearly 7 years of being together, and 3 years of living together, Matt and I decided that it was probably time to buy a house together. With the market at an advantageous position for us we made it our new years resolution to buy a house before 2014 ends. To say we bought a house much quicker than we anticipated is an understatement. It’s all happened very quickly, no matter how much time seemed to drag while the paperwork was being filed.

So over the next few months you can probably expect a few house and interior related blog posts as I’m itching to start making this house our own. For now I’m going to share a few little tips we’ve learnt from our experiences on buying a new build house.

1. Do your research and find out others experiences with the house builder you plan on buying from – what’s their track record like?

2. Ask the seller what they can do for you. With new builds there are many incentives to help seal the deal. We received free flooring, turf and our stamp duty paid for.

3. Check your credit rating. When applying for a mortgage your lender will look into your bank statements and payslips to see how much you earn and what you’re spending it on. It can be quite intrusive so be sure you aren’t spending frivolously in the months before applying for a mortgage – you need to prove that you are responsible with your money.

4. Don’t underestimate fees! Matt and I had our deposit and money for fees, however after more research we figured there are a lot more fees than we initially thought! We quickly had to find an extra couple of grand to cover these extra fees.

5. Don’t complete the sale and move in on the same day. Give yourself a couple of days so you can truly double check that everything is perfect in your new house.

6. Make a snag list of anything that isn’t perfect in your new house. You paid good money for it so you should be happy with the final product!

7. Don’t move house when it’s raining.

8. Ensure you don’t drag your furniture across your new flooring! Hello scratches on the lino and marks on the carpet!

9. Don’t flood your kitchen when hooking up your washing machine… not good for the stress levels!

10. Invest in a power drill – you’ll need it for putting up those many curtain rails, clothes rails and blinds.

11. Don’t panic too much when you put holes in your wall that aren’t needed and take off some plaster on your new walls – accidents will happen!

12. Enjoy your new house – it’s tempting to do everything all at once, but take it slow. Leave the boxes and relax in your new house – sit in the garden with a beer – you deserved it!

For the time being Matt and I still have four walls and a roof above our heads. We’ve had some DIY mishaps, but we’re getting there!


  1. Kirsty

    Congratulations – that’s so exciting! My brother and his girlfriend have just bought their own place and now I’m itching to have a house of my own! Looking forward to interior posts 🙂 xx


  2. Janine

    Aww so happy for you I’m hoping to buy this year. Not sure if we’ll get a new build though, but will be so nice to have a home of our own. I’m sure I’ll be coming to you for tips lol. Congratulations hon xx


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