Danone Danio Yoghurts | Plain, Honey & Mango

danio greek yoghurts4   danio greek yoghurts5danio greek yoghurts2   

I don’t know about you but good quality Greek Yoghurt is hard to come by. I have tried many and many fail. I have two go to brands when it comes to Greek Yoghurt and Danone is one of them.

I was introduced to Danone’s Danio Yoghurts* about a year ago and they have been a permanent fixture in my fridge since. You can read my first review of a few of their flavours here. However as with all great companies Danone have gone above and beyond and created a great new range of flavours- Plain, Mango and Honey. So it was only polite to give them a try!

Now the joy with Danio Greek Style Yoghurts is that they are high in protein, so they keep you full, are versatile and are extremely rich, creamy and yummy! These yoghurts have 0% fat, have around 122 calories in a pot and cram about 13g of protein in a pot – which is the same as one egg! The reason I love these yoghurts is that they are super thick and this is thanks to them using twice as much milk than standard yoghurts.

Whether it’s topped with fruit, granola and nuts for breakfast, used in cooking, frozen to create a great healthy ice-cream or simply enjoyed by itself these yoghurts are, in one word, fantastic!

Do you enjoy Greek Style Yoghurts in your diet? Which brand is your favourite? Have you ever tried Danio Yoghurts?


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