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Eating three healthy meals a day is pretty easy. Once you get yourself organised and get yourself a plan that you can stick to; eating three square nutritious meals is easy. I find that once I’ve got myself a food plan for the week, a list of meals to prepare with the fresh produce in my cupboards then a healthy meal is easy. It’s the snacking that’s difficult!

Everyone gets peckish, and if you go by what many people say, we should be eating every couple of hours to keep our metabolisms running high, so what do you snack on? I’m like everyone else if my snacks aren’t prepared or to hand it’s way to easy to grab a bag of crisps at the checkout or eat one too many biscuits in the office. So my saving grace is Nakd Raw Wholefoods Bars* and Bites. They taste great, are morish and are incredibly good for me.

Nakd Wholefoods Bars are gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, with no added sugar, nothing artificial included and completely raw. You can buy them from supermarkets for around £1 per bar, however I’d advise buying them online as they are much better value when ordered in bulk. I don’t often buy health food online, but I make an exception for my Nakd bars. You can buy a box of 18 bars for around £14.

These bars are a holy grail for many people… especially the Chocolate Orange flavour! Made from only dates, fruit and nuts these bars have nothing naughty in them. And don’t worry about the dates; I hate dates yet can’t get enough of these bars, you can’t taste them at all. So if you’re eating clean, eating healthy, want a substitute for your cereal bars and chocolate, or are looking at clean snacks then I could not recommend these enough!

So, is anyone else as obsessed with Nakd Wholefoods Bars as I am? Which is your favourite flavour?


  1. Amber

    I LOVE Nakd bars! I was lucky enough to go to Be:Fit and found their stall, where they were selling them £8 for 18 bars! I love the apple flavour its my favourite, I think its new but I’d definitely recommend trying that one 🙂


  2. lisapitt

    I started Kayla Itsines H.E.L.P guide this week and was looking for a healthy snack for times like you mention! OMG the cocoa crunch are so yummy and so are the strawberry crunch! You can get 3 packs in Asda for £1.49 at the moment, so around 50p a bar.I’m going to stock up! xx

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