Buying a House – Living in Limbo

moving house 1

Six weeks is a long time.

Six weeks of not knowing if your investment will pay off is a long time

Six weeks of not knowing where your future lies is an even longer time!

As exciting as finally deciding on a house to buy is. As exciting as finally putting a deposit down on a house and sticking the “Sold” sign on the door is; actually buying a house is not so much exciting but rather full of anticipation. For some, anticipation is a good feeling. For many however, anticipation leads to anxiety. I do pride myself on looking at the brighter side of life, it’s a skill I’ve developed. However my natural instinct is to always worry… I think that comes with being the eldest sibling. I worry all the time! I think of others before myself, and always prepare myself for the worst. So although I am excited about buying a house, it doesn’t actually feel real yet.

I have put notice in on my rented property and soon Matt and I will be moving back to my mum’s house. Here we will wait and live until we complete the sale on our new house. Which, if everything goes to plan could happen within a month. However as a natural worrier I’m already thinking about how quickly we could find somewhere else to rent if the sale falls through. One side of me thinks I’m being sensible, however the other side of myself thinks I’m being a bit mad. In a way it’s good to not get my hopes up however in another way I could be sucking the fun and excitement out of the whole process.

Having my immediate future lie in the hands of several other people essentially sucks! Banks, mortgage advisors, the government, solicitors, property developers… a lot of people who have the power to turn around and say no.

For now I’m in limbo… I’m excited, but not getting my hopes up. I’m preparing for the worse but haven’t given up hope.

Time can only tell if this house is the house for Matt and I and waiting is all we can do.

*Image from We Heart It.


  1. Emma

    I completely understand how you feel! My fiancé and I are in the process of trying to buy a new build but we have to wait on release dates before we can even reserve the one we want! Super stressful that we might not get it and if we do we might get rejected somewhere else down the line! Good luck with everything! 🙂 xoxo


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