Training to run 10k – My Training Plan

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So you may have heard that I’ve signed up to do the Total Warrior Challenge this year in the Lake District. I signed up about a month ago and to be honest, I have not done much training! Life has been very busy and got in the way (not that it’s an excuse!) I’ve realised that my life is going to get even busier what with buying a house, moving home temporarily then moving back into my first house. So if I don’t start my training now, then I’m never going to! So I start tomorrow morning!

I run, however I’m not a great runner. Running to me is enjoyable and a stress release, so I don’t push myself – I rest when I want and I enjoy it. This is good for my mind but not for my performance. As a result I have ran very few 10ks. Total Warrior is a 10k assault course with about 20 obstacles thrown in the middle, so I need to be able to run 10k easily! As a result I’ve Googled various 10k training plans and found the one below that I’m going to try.

10k running program plan

This is the Bupa Beginners 10k Training Plan so I should be able to master it.  I have about 20 weeks until Total Warrior so I will obviously be able to build on this plan after the 8 weeks. The 10k training plan above is to give me a guide, because I need goals to work towards. For me the big challenge will be a mind battle, as I’m fitter than I think I am but I give into my thoughts too easily when I’m out running. I’m the girl who’s mind tells her she can’t breathe when she can so will slow down. My mind tells me my legs are tired when they could go another mile. So I need to learn to push myself and ignore those doubts in my head.

Tomorrow morning I will be running/ walking a 10k course that I have mapped out along the canal path near my town to give me an idea on where I am now and how much work I need to do. I have forgotten just how far 10k is so I need to get the feel for it. I know tomorrows run will not be a quick one but I’m looking forward to seeing just how much work I’ve got to put in to get myself up to the required fitness level to tackle this Total Warrior Challenge!

So wish me luck! Let me know if you are also training for a 10k! I would love to know what training plans you are following or if you have any tips to get rid of the negative voice in my head!


  1. Carly

    I can totally relate when you say you don’t push yourself– which is good for the mind, but not so good for progress/performance! I’m trying to run only a 5k this year so this is definitely inspiring to read! Good luck! Can’t wait to hear how the route went for you!


  2. Amber

    Good luck! I’m doing the 10k Race for Life in June and I’m hoping to beat my time from last year so I’ve started Bootcamp to try and build strength in my legs and get my stamina up!


  3. emma

    Good luck! It took me a couple of months to build up from 10K from 5K, but if you can run 10K comfortably before the challenge you’ve done well. I’m doing my first obstacle challenge this weekend, a 10K too and I have done absolutely no training for it, so it should be interesting!!!


  4. Lauren

    Good luck with the 10k !

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    Hope that you have an amazing weekend!

    Best wishes,
    Lauren x


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