A huge decision & an unforgettable day

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Today was a huge day.

Today I made probably one of the biggest decisions and biggest purchases of my life so far… I bought my first house.

If you read my blog regularly you will know that my New Year’s Resolution this year was to buy a house. Matt and I have spent pretty much every weekend this year visiting locations, researching mortgages and comparing houses. You may have read my blog post a few months ago abut how we were struggling on making even the smallest decision. It turns out that the way to make decisions is to fully analyse the options available to you and make a lot of lists. We figured out which options were best for us, which areas ticked off all the amenities we wanted and which houses we liked that were within our price range.

I, in no way thought that I would be buying a house this weekend! But as per every weekend Matt and I headed off to a new development we found to take a look at the show homes. As with  a lot of one’s we had seen it just didn’t compare to the one we had visited three times. So we headed to that developed for the fourth time to find out that there was only one house left compared to three last week. When we heard this it helped make the decision we needed to. We both knew we would be gutted if the house was sold to anyone but us. So last night we made lists, researched, double checked our finances and talked it over with my Dad (the house buying expert). 

This afternoon we headed into the sales office with our offer and negotiated a deal that both Matt and I were happy with. We filled in the mountain of paper work, waited on tender hooks to hear a yes from the mortgage supplier and paid our reservation fee. We then headed back to the house to place the “Sold” sign on the house.

It still doesn’t quite seem real, but I don’t think it will until I’m in it. I can see why people lose their mind about buying and selling houses, as a lot of it lies in the hands of the banks, lawyers and mortgage lenders. I don’t feel completely in control and spent most of this morning with immense anxiety. Thankfully excitement has now replaced that feeling! We have six weeks to complete the deal so will have six weeks of paper work, meetings with mortgage advisors etc. However we also have six weeks of excitement, of choosing the flooring, of planning the decoration… all the exciting stuff! So you can expect my Pinterest to be very busy over the next few months!

One extra thing I learnt today is that Matt & I are classed as DINKY’s – Dual Income No Kids Yet – made me chuckle!


  1. Scarlett

    That’s massively exciting, congratulations! Try not to get too impatient or stressed at it being in other people’s hands…they are experts, and providing they know the deadlines (and you check in on them occasionally), it will all go to plan. There are just times when nothing seems to be happening, which can be difficult, but then it happens all at once!

    Enjoy the next 6 weeks…and get pinning! x Scarlett


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