52 Lists // Ten

52 lists project 52 lists week 10

1. Make myself get up early in the morning and go for a run. I do enjoy it and it’s great for clarity however I also love my bed.

2. Practice a short yoga flow a couple of evenings a week to ensure I truly clear my mind before I go to sleep.

3. Not work too hard… I am a workaholic. I enjoy my work but I need to ensure I don’t work too hard… I don’t want to burn out.

4. Sleep more… when your mind is going a mile a minute it takes while to drift off. So I have downloaded the Sleep Cycle Alarm clock to see how much quality sleep I actually achieve.

5. Stop feeding myself CRAP- Carbonated drinks, Refined sugars, Artificial sweeteners & colours and Processed foods – my body is not a waste basket so I shouldn’t feed it rubbish. This goes well with my ambition for lent which is to give up chocolate.

6. Pamper myself – Not only to relax a little but to attempt to make myself look presentable.


  1. Elizabeth

    I love the idea of pampering yourself (although I can’t stand baths of paint both my nails and toenails!). When I want to feel love for myself I start thinking about the wonderful body God gave me and look in the mirror. It might be weird, especially because many girls (like myself at one point), hated my body. I love your list! 🙂


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