Total Warrior Training // Week One


There are currently 154 days until I will probably be hating myself on the starting line of the Lake District Total Warrior Challenge on the 2nd August. No doubt I will be wondering why on earth I thought that it was a good idea to even attempt Total Warrior. Why do I want be submerge myself in water, run through fire and electrocute myself just to fill a Saturday afternoon? However I am going to attempt to do all these things…because why the hell not! I’m fairly fit and told myself I was going to run a 10k race this year, so why not run a 10k with 28 different obstacles in the middle of it!

So today marked day one of my Total Warrior training. I am following (loosely) the training plan that is on their website. Their training plan runs for 12 weeks and as there are around 24 weeks until the event I can do this training twice through. I will also be doing my own workouts as and when I want to, to keep my body guessing and increase my fitness levels because I don’t want to let my team (consisting mainly of police officers) down!


You can see the fun that I have signed myself up to above. Yes… those wires in the last pictures are live and will electrocute you!

My first goal is to run 5k very easily and quicker than I currently do. At the moment I’m not under a sub 30 minute 5k so I need to work on that. As much as I enjoy running I don’t do well at pushing myself to run quicker, further and harder. So I need to remind myself I’m not running for fun anymore, I’m no longer plodding along, I am actually am in training.

My second goal is to work on upper body strength. I’m a hell of a lot stronger than I was a year ago and I’m not afraid to lift weights, but I now need to be able to lift my own body weight thanks to the 6ft wall, monkey bars etc. So push-ups are now my new best friend and I will be doing a lot of arm, back and core training with weights but also I will be doing more yoga focussing on moves that work my arms. Yoga will hopefully build on my ability to lift my own body weight!

So my Total Warrior training plan for this week is as follows;

Tuesday- 20 minute steady run

Wednesday- upper body strengthening & Insanity Fit Test

Thursday- Intervals – 1 min very fast, 1 min walk x8

Friday- upper body strengthening

Saturday- 30 minutes steady pace

Sunday- Rest

Monday- Insanity Plyometric Cardio

I will let you know how my week goes! If anyone has ever completed one of these events I would love to know what you did to train and how the event went?

*all photos taken from Total Warrior Facebook page


  1. Catherine

    I have literally, just this morning signed myself up for the exact same event. Will defs be keeping an eye on how your training is going. My team are all miles away from me, so training wise I will be going it alone! Good luck and see you there!


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