Old or New? Where and When?

up_house-wallpaper-1600x1200Who knew buying a house was so problematic… well I suppose anyone could tell you that… it’s just me assuming that it would be easy!

This year Matt and I stated that our number one New Years Resolution was to buy a house. We both now have jobs that we enjoy, that we see a future in and both work in the same area. So now that we have some roots we’ve decided to buy a house after renting for the past 7 years. It makes sense after all. However it’s not just as easy as saying “We’re going to by a house!” Matt and I now spend a lot of our time to-ing and fro-ing about what we both want.

 Well actually I can tell you what I want.

I want a big old house that is structurally sound but needs some TLC. It should have at least 3 bedrooms, be at least semi-detached, have traditional Georgian features… I’m talking alcoves, large skirting boards and fireplaces, have a good sized garden and parking, and be in a good neighbourhood, a town that isn’t too big or to small, a town that has a few friendly pubs, perhaps a wine bar, a few restaurants, a deli and bakery. Sound idyllic doesn’t it! The problem is, this house doesn’t exist! And if it does exist it’s way beyond my price range!

Anyways that’s what I want… not what WE want. Matt (I think) quite fancies a new build house; the idea of having a house that is ours… one that no one else has lived in it. At first this was my absolutely nightmare! I thought that new builds were box houses with no personality and little space. However after being dragged to a few new developments and speaking to the sales teams the idea of having a house built for us, that is of an acceptable size and well within our budget does has it perks!

So old or new?

The next battle we’re having is where and when?

I know exactly which town I would like to live in, the problem is it’s pricey! If I wanted to live there I could probably afford to buy a shed or a garage to live in, and with all my crap I don’t think it’s the best idea! So some sacrifices are having to be made! The problem again is we’re fairly new to Lancashire, so finding a town we like is tough. But then also finding a house that we BOTH like that is within our price range that’s in a nice, trouble free estate or area within the town we like is tough!

I’m starting to see why people resort to good old Kirsty and Phil to help them find a house! So can someone do all this for me please!


  1. emma

    Wow how exciting that you’re looking at buying a house. It seems like everyone around me is house buying, I’m so jealous, I can’t see myself affording a house for a long, long time. Can’t wait to follow your progress on house hunting!


  2. girlieblogger

    We just bought our place two months ago, and good gosh so glad it’s over! It’s a huge deal. Not only must you consider your own life style, you also have to think of money, as well as resale value. Good luck!


  3. carly

    I was going to say the house you described sounds like a DREAM 🙂 I’ve always felt that location beats out (almost) everything else because that’s the one thing you’re not really able to change down the road– other things can usually be done over time. I hope you guys soon find a compromise of all the things you love! Such an exciting adventure/problem to have 🙂


  4. Clare (@BeeHappyHealthy)

    We had the same dilemmas – my advice would be look at everything! We looked at different towns, developments, different types of houses & actually what was right for us was nothing like what we originally thought about! Make a minimum requirements list then don’t exclude anything if it meets the basics – we visited some horrible places, seen some ‘projects’ but finally fell upon our house getting lost looking for another property!

    Bee Happy and Healthy


  5. Lisa

    How exciting!! Best of luck to you with this adventure. My boyfriend and I are in the process of buying our first house together at the moment so I’m not sure how much advice I can impart although I’d definitely recommend looking on Zoopla as they give you so much useful information on the areas you’re looking at such as amenities, schools, house valuations, crime rates etc.




  6. Danielle Eskdale

    Oh how exciting! And…scary! haha
    I’m with you on the old house part. All of my furniture is antique and I want a house that it’ll look the part in. I don’t need to worry for a few years yet though.

    I’m lucky that my other half usually just says ‘whatever you want’ lol but I guess compromise is a big part in looking for somewhere you’re going to buy.

    Wishing you lots of luck and (perhaps) looking forward to hearing more about your progression.

    Best wishes, Danielle


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