This week I’ve been;

Well I should say these past few weeks! Who knew January would be such a busy month, when you have no money to do anything! As you can probably tell form my lack of activity I have been busy. Work has been busy which always makes me feel more busy… strange that! So this week I’ve been…

photo (16)

Baking up a storm. The other weekend, Matt and I were actually free, so I managed to dig out some recipes then put them to use. You should all know by now that I love to bake, but obviously it’s not great for the waist line. So I was on the hunt for healthy baking recipes and found Katie’s wonderful blog Chocolate Covered Katie- I tried her Chickpea Blondies recipe.

photo (17)

Enjoying Matt’s cooking. I would love to say it was me who cooks in my house, however Matt does the majority. I just dabble. The other week he made the most delicious fish and sweet potato cakes… healthy and super scrummy. I will have to change the recipe!

photo (13)

Treating myself! My old trainers were absolutely ruined… I think I had run about 250 miles in them, so they weren’t supporting my feet the way they should and whenever I used them I would get shooting pains through my feet and up my legs so decided it was time to retire them and invest in some new ones. Christmas came and went; as did my money, so I wasn’t able to buy a new pair until last week. I spent about an hour in Sports Direct picking out a pair and l already love them! I will give them a full review soon.

photo (12)

Lusting after a new car. I recently passed my driving test and am lucky enough to be able to share a car with my boyfriend…saving a great deal of money! However I went away on business on Tuesday and was given a hire car for the day. I was very nervous about driving a different car, however I received the little beast above and fell in love. When I first saw it I couldn’t believe how big it was, however soon got used to it and am now lusting after one. It’s a Renault Captur and its beautiful!

photo (11)

Treating my man. It’s a rare occurrence, however every now and again I’m a nice girlfriend and love to take my boyfriend out for a nice meal. I normally do this on or around payday… when I haven’t spent all my money yet! Matt and i went for  a lovely meal at the Clog and Billycock in Pleasington tonight.


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