Healthy Onion & Garlic Dip

When I get a lazy weekend; which is once in a blue moon, I love to attempt some cooking and baking. In the morning I go through my bookmarks from blogs I’ve read throughout the month to look back at recipes that caught my eye. I then head to the shops with a shopping list as long as my arm and turn my kitchen into a production kitchen in the afternoon. Matt watches sport while I blare music out, follow recipes from blogs and take hundreds of photos. If a recipe is a success (which is 50% of the time!) I blog about it. This recipe is an adaptation of one of Gemma’s  from Gemsmaquillage. This Healthy Onion & Garlic Dip is based on her One Minute Healthy Garlic Dip. Gemma  is one of my favourite bloggers, she seems so down to earth and lovely, her new blog layout is gorgeous, plus I always want to try all of her recipes!

I decided to give this recipe a go as I LOVE crisps and dip. I’m sure plenty of you indulged in bowls of crisp and dips over Christmas and New Year; they seem to be a party food staple. I ate plenty of them, and like them as a treat every now and again, so wondered if I could make my favourite Onion and Garlic Dip healthier. I saw Gemma’s recipe and thought I could alter it to make it more of an Onion and Garlic dip.

healthy onion and garlic crips chips dip sauce greek yoghurthealthy onion and garlic crips chips dip sauce greek yoghurt1

All you need to make your own healthy dip is;

Greek Yoghurt – hello protein!

Flavourings of your choice- I chose onion, garlic, chilli and paprika.

Simply grab a bowl and add the flavourings you chose to the Greek Yoghurt to suit your taste. Matt kind of overloaded ours with garlic, but we do love garlic! If you want it spicier add more paprika or chilli.

This recipe could not be simpler and as long as you add plenty of flavouring you cannot taste the Greek Yoghurt; a plus for those of you who don’t like it, like my partner doesn’t.healthy onion and garlic crips chips dip sauce greek yoghurt4

To go with our dip I made homemade crisps, which turned out ok; surprisingly! So what was once a high calorie and fat snack is now guilt free!

Do you make your own guilt free dips? I would love to know your recipes!


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