Michael Kors Hamilton Saffiano Tote Bag

Santa was a very kind man to me, either that or I’d been a very good girl last year, as he had listened to my wishes and presented me with my dream gift on Christmas Day. Well I say Santa I mean my better half Matt. For the month leading up to Christmas he had been dragged into many Harvey Nicks, House of Fraser and Selfridges stores with his head low and wallet firmly in his pocket while I lusted after Michael Kors bags.

monnier feries michael kors hamilton bagmonnier feries michael kors hamilton bag1

I have wanted a Michael Kors bag for some time now, but being my indecisive self I couldn’t decide between this Michael Kors Hamilton Saffiano Tote or the popular smaller Michael Kors Selma Saffiano Tote. After many visits to the Michael Kors concession I decided that the Hamilton was the winner thanks to it large size, stronger handles and multiple pockets inside. If I was going to spend this amount of money on a bag it was going to have to be a bag that I would use everyday, so it needed to be large enough for all my work stuff!

michael kors hamilton large red bag review

michael kors hamilton large red bag review interior

I had always wanted a red colour as I much prefer a brightly coloured bag over a black or tan one. I have the opposite opinion to everyone else in that I like my bag to be bright because my work clothes are usually dark and black so I like a bright bag to add some interest to my outfit.

I had asked all my family and friends for money for Christmas so I could treat myself to my dream Michael Kors bag after Christmas. But to my absolute surprise there was a huge box waiting for me underneath the Christmas Tree with my bag within it. So far it hasn’t left my side and I take it everywhere with pride.

Do you own a Michael Kors bag? Which one do you have, or which one do you dream of?


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