This week I’ve been…

This week I’ve been productive. This week has been quite a busy week for a week that was supposed to be a holiday. I’m one of the lucky few who are still enjoying their Christmas holidays, so have made the most of the free time I’ve had. This week I’ve been….

photo (1)

…Making a good start on my New Years Resolutions, by downloading some new books to read. If you have any recommended books please let me know in the comments below. I am happy to read anything!

photo (2)

… Saying goodbye to Christmas. Yesterday Matt and I took down our two Christmas trees and many Christmas decorations. As sad as it is, it was a good chance to get a good deep clean of the house… I’m talking moving furniture cleaning!

photo (3)

… Passing my driving test! It was about time I got my license at the tender age of 24! I’m really happy to finally be able to drive without supervision! I just need to find an insurance quote that doesn’t cost me the earth!

photo (4)

… Blogging! After making some resolutions to work harder on my blog I have been trying to get a new blog post up everyday. I know this spurt won’t last forever, but I may challenge myself to blog everyday in January… but don’t hold me to it!

photo (5)

…. pushing myself! I am now on day 9 of Insanity! This is a 60 day workout challenge that it tough! It’s marketed as being the toughest workout on DVD. You can read more about my attempt here. Expect a full review after I’ve completed 60 days!


  1. Carly

    Reading is such a big part of my goals this year and I haven’t done enough yet…it has been five days but still 😉 haha and ahh insanity! my husband did the entire thing before our wedding last spring and had SUCH good results. I did a few of the workouts along with him but could never stick with it because it took up so much time / it was so intense! I’m interested in the T25 or whatever the condensed workout is that he came out with. And congrats on passing your drivers test!!


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