2014 Resolutions and Goals

Some people don’t make resolutions. They say that if they want to change their lives they will make the change at any point in the year; why wait for a new year to make a change. I agree a lot with this. I am now a girl who doesn’t wait until Monday to make a change. I don’t wait until tomorrow as I know it never comes. If I make a change I make it right away. However I find that the beginning of a new year is a great time to sit down and think about what you want to get out of the year ahead. It is the perfect time to reflect on what you achieved and learnt in 2013 and what you want to continue to work on in 2014.


So having sat down and had a little think. Having sat down with my partner Matt and thought about what we want 2014 to bring for the both of us I decided to share with you a few of the things I hope to achieve in 2014.  When I write things down I‘m always more accountable, and you never know one of my aims may inspire you.

  • Buy a house- This is the big goal for this year for Matt and I. We would like to think that this time next year we will be living in a house of our own.
  • Start some savings- last year I said I would put 10% of my wage away into a  savings account. I didn’t do this, so this year I am making sure I do! After all I need some savings so I can buy a house!
  • Save £2 every day for the rest of the year. I saw a blog post on someone’s blog that said they aimed to save a £1 a day for the rest of the year, so they have a nice little sum at the end of the year to send in the sales!  I don’t plan on saving mine for the sales, but I prefer to have little goals like this that in time amount to a bigger sum. I meant £60 a month is not a lot but to have £730 stashed away at the end of the year would be nice!
  • Read more – This is a less serious aim, but still important. I am a very busy person who doesn’t seem to stop. So I’ve said that I want to make sure I take at least half an hour before I go to sleep each evening to read a book. Be it fictional or educational…. as long as I am not tapping away on my laptop!
  • Explore somewhere new- Yes going away on a trip will eat into some of my savings however I’ve realised that last year I never had an adventure. I never went on holiday to somewhere I’ve never visited before. So this year Matt and I are going to make a trip to a country we’ve never visited before.
  • Work harder on my blog- this past couple of months my blog has taken a back seat. I always prefer to not blog if I am uninspired, however I don’t want to neglect it completely. I’m going to make sure that I dedicated at least an hour an evening to my little blog. I want it to continue to grow in 2014.
  • Eat out less- As much as I enjoy going out for dinner, it’s not great for the bank balance. So Matt and I have decided to restrict our meals out to once a month rather than once a week.

What are your goals for the year? Are you planning to explore more? Save your pennies? Work on your career? Link me up to your goals and aspirations blog posts.


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