Winter Cardio| Roger Black Magnetic Cross Trainer & Exercise Bike Review

As the cold months draw in and the frosty, rainy, dark mornings arrive it seems like my bed is the most beautifully warm cocoon. My morning workouts are always more difficult to get up for when I know that I have to pile on the layers and dodge the black ice, so I thought it was about time I found a workout I could do inside. I needed some form of cardio I could do inside the comfort of my own home, and thanks to Argos I found the perfect thing; introducing my Roger Black Magnetic Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike.*

roger black magnetic cross trainer and exercise bikeroger black magnetic cross trainer and exercise bike2 roger black magnetic cross trainer and exercise bike4

Thanks to my new Roger Black Cross Trainer and Bike I only have to stumble in the dark to find my workout clothes, then wander downstairs and jump on my cross trainer. On those cold mornings when I really don’t want to go out in the rain I can now still get my cardio fix easily and quickly. I have to admit I do prefer my running however the cross trainer is always my second choice of machine in the gym.

I did worry when I received the huge box that the Cross Trainer arrived in, that it may take years to construct and then once constructed it would be too completed for me to understand and too big to fit in my living room. Thankfully the cross trainer took no longer than an hour to put together thanks to the help of my kind boyfriend, it is very simple to programme and use (you can even jump straight onto it and go) and although large… it is a cross trainer after all; it isn’t too bulky and fit well in my living room.

The fact that this machine is a two in one really does make me happy, as when I feel not so energetic I can have a little seat and instead cycle for my cardio workout. I think that Matt (my boyfriend) has benefited the most from our Cross Trainer. He has quite a serve ankle injury which means he isn’t supposed to run on it for too long. As much as he enjoys running, it’s really not good for him. So now he is able to get a great cardio workout from the comfort of our home without putting strain on his ankle.

As mentioned previously I have used a Cross Trainer quite a bit so can say that this one from Argos is obviously a little less sturdy than a professional one, but for a piece of home gym equipment I am more than impressed with it. What surprised me most from my cross trainer workout was the amount of calories I burn. I wear my Polar Heart Rate Monitor for every workout and was pleased to see after doing 45 minutes of interval training on the cross trainer I was burning at least 600 calories. The 16 different tension levels and 9 different modes makes this cross trainer perfect for interval training!

I am very pleased to be able to now incorporate cross training and cycling in my cardio routine alongside my running. This mixture of cardio is really adding some interest in my workouts and I plan on continuing it when the weather improves in the Spring! But for now my cardio workouts are so much better in the comfort of my home!

Have you ever invested in home gym equipment? What is your favourite cardio workout – running, cycling or cross trainer?

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