Christmas Time & Gifts

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have all had a magical few days spent with your family and friends, enjoying time old traditions and making some memories. I’ve had a very busy Christmas and have travelled around 400 hundred miles in the past few days. Today is the first night that Matt and I have been able to enjoy by ourselves in the comfort of our home. So we’re both relaxing, watching films and playing with our new gadgets.

christmas 2014 10

Christmas for me started at 1.00pm on Christmas Eve when after finishing work, Matt and I raced up the M6 to start Christmas Day number one at my dad’s.  My dad has his Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve, so Christmas Eve was filled with family, food and fun. There was many games of charades and Cluedo being played late into the night.

On Christmas Day morning we woke to find Santa had been and my little brother and sister were up at 6 opening their presents. Come 9 in the morning Matt was ready for a power nap and we started our journey south- first stop Penrith. We stopped off at my Great Grandmas house to catch up with my grandparents and enjoy some tea and mince pies. After a lovely yet brief chat we headed back on the road and onwards to Leeds.

At Leeds Matt and I enjoyed Christmas Dinner number 2 with his parents and brother. They have a very relaxed Christmas, so after a lovely dinner we all sat together and watched a film. Matt was getting a little sleepy, so before he snoozed on the couch we jumped in the car and headed back to Lancashire for home.

On Boxing Day we had Christmas number 3. This time my mum, step-dad and brother and his girlfriend joined us for Christmas Dinner at our house. So thankfully we didn’t have to do any travelling, however it was the first Christmas we have hosted ourselves. I think we did a pretty good job; there was only one mad dash to the shop to pick up a few things (I) we forgot! christmas 2014 5

I’ve included some photos of the gifts I was ever so kindly spoilt with this year. I only do this as I have been asked to, plus I love to see what people got for Christmas as well. It’s just like any ordinary haul… it gives us all some great ideas on what to go out and treat ourselves to in the sales! My family (and Matt) were extremely generous this year and I am grateful for every gift I received.

christmas 2014 6

This year my biggest present was my Michael Kors bag from Matt. I have been lusting after one for months now and every time Matt and I visited Harvey Nicks or Selfridges I would spend my time choosing my favourite bag. I had asked for money from my family this year so I could save up and treat myself, so when I received a huge box on Christmas Day with the Michale Kors  bag within it I was over the moon! It’s now my pride and joy! The money that I received this Christmas was going to go towards a Mulberry Purse however I spotted this Acer touch-screen laptop in the sale at Curry’s and knew I had to have it. It’s cute, compact and light enough to throw in my bag. I already have an ipad mini but this new laptop means that when I travel I have a convenient device to carry with me rather than my old bulky and heavy laptop.

christmas 2014 7Above are all the beauty goodies I received this Christmas. As always I received the amazing Soap and Glory Bumper Gift Set- so I am stocked up on Soap and Glory products until my birthday…. yeah! Benefit, Joules and Pacco Rabanne are a few of the others gorgeous beauty related treats I received.

christmas 2014 8

And finally my Fitness Goodies. You may remember I mentioned my need for a Foam Roller on Twitter…. unknown to me Matt had already picked one up and it was hiding underneath my Christmas Tree. He said he was very relieved to find out Tesco didn’t have any when I went looking for one! I’ve been using it every day since Christmas as it feel amazing for my stiff muscles. Santa also filled my stocking with reflective bands so I can go out running in the mornings safely. I plan on treating myself to some new trainers in the sales, so that will be a Christmas present from me to me!

Did you have a lovely Christmas? Where did you spend your day? Was Santa kind to you? If you have also shared what you got for Christmas on your blog please send me your link… I would love to read it!


  1. sarah

    thanks so much for checking out my christmas post and leaving your link, such a great read. wow, look at all the amazing stuff you got, gorgeous beauty products, you must be so delighted with everything


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