How to workout when you don’t want to!

We’ve all been there, sitting on the couch in the morning in your pjs thinking you would rather stay put and watch Saturday Kitchen than put on your gym gear and workout, or sat in the car on the way home having the argument in your head about whether you are going to workout when you get home…. recently I’ve been doing it more often thanks to the dark mornings and evenings!

how to workout when you dont want to

So how do you workout when it is the last thing you want to do?

Well firstly, if you have exercised hard and a lot recently then you probably deserve a break, so don’t pressure yourself and take that break. However for everyone else who hasn’t worked out recently, and this is perhaps the second day of skipping your workout you need to really get back on the band wagon otherwise it will leave you behind and you won’t be reaching your personal goals anytime soon. To encourage yourself is possibly one of the hardest things to do, so I thought I would share my tips with you.

Build a community

When my alarm goes off at 6.00am in the morning and I can hear the rain hitting the bedroom window, I grab my phone switch off my alarm and head straight to Instagram or Tumblr. On Instagram I search for #FriskyFall #Toneitup #Fitspo for photos and posts of everyone else working out, eating healthy, posting their results. My tumblr dashboard is full of over 600 “fitspo” blogd that post tips, motivation, recipes and workouts. I then spend a maximum of ten minutes reading through these inspirational blog posts or photos to really gage my mind into WHY I am going to get out of bed and workout. This community is really one of the only things that helps me wake up before (what feels like) the rest of the world and workout.

Set Realistic Goals

Set goals but make them realistic!  Yes everyone will have an ulitmate goal, but by setting your bar too high to start with you can demotivate yourself. Set mini goals that will help you towards your ulitmate goal; be that “do 4 morning workouts this week”, “eat clean on weekdays”, or “get 8 solid hours sleep 4 nights out of 7” all these goals will ultimately become habit after time, and once its habit your ulitmate goal will be within reach!

Have a “Cheat” workout

I have a “Cheat” workout; this is what I call a workout which isn’t massively demanding, one I enjoy, and one I can do anywhere as long as I have YouTube. On days when I REALLY don’t want to workout but know I should I begrudgingly put on my workout gear switch on YouTube and do the workouts below. The workout isn’t very long, it’s not massively demanding BUT it’s better than no workout at all! Doing a mini workout will help me towards my goal more than sitting on the couch thinking about it!

Reward yourself

This is the best part! Reward yourself… NOT with food… you are not a dog! Only dogs are rewarded for good behaviour with food. Celebrate your mini wins with mini rewards; if you’ve done 5 morning workouts that week, give yourself a lazy Sunday morning in bed. If you have eaten clean for all the weekdays give yourself a glass of fizz on the Friday night, if you loose a few inches buy yourself a new top. Every achievement deserves recognition!

I hope my tips help some of you keep on track through the dark and wet winter that is coming! I would love to know what you do to ensure you do a workout even when you don’t want to!

Go check out Jemma’s  wonder blog; Beauty In Things, filled with beauty, fashion and life. A beautiful beauty blog!


  1. Ellie B

    I loved this post! It's a great idea to look at fitspo photos as soon as you wake up, most really help you leap out of bed. As soon as my cold has cleared up I will be back to the 6.30am gym workouts. Getting to my goal weight before Christmas is what keeps me going.Ellie | mantrapixie | x


  2. Einoel

    Great post, I really enjoy reading your blog! 🙂 I think everybody's about to struggle sometimes with working out regularly … but everytime I conviced myself to work out even though I wanted to skip it before I feel sooo much better afterwards.


  3. Hope Markham

    You commented on my blog but my blog wouldnt let me reply 😦 your blog is soo good!!! as for the face mask I like to use Origins out of trouble mask, how about you? (and I'll definitely be trying the call me maybe squat video)


  4. Kirsty W

    This is just what I needed right now – I missed a week at the gym because I was ill but never got back on the wagon and it's now been 3 weeks!! Got my gym bag all packed and clothes all laid out ready to go tomorrow morning though so hopefully I can get back on track. The 'cheat' workout is a really good idea, gonna have to try that! xx


  5. Lisa Goodman

    Fantastic tips Cat!! Particularly using Instagram etc for 'fitspo' pre-workout in the morning when you're feeling less than motivated. I also like the idea of a 'cheat' workout once a while, I have a 10 minute workout DVD and also a Pussycat Dolls workout DVD (guilty pleasure) and these haven't seen the light of day in months, time to brush off the dust I think and give them a go on days where I can allow myself a cheat workout. Lx



    I like sports very much and have done so for many years.
    But there was a time when I was not happy with my body.
    know I am in shape and I love going to the gym and being in shape.
    I like the tips that you shared.


  7. helensnowdon

    I also use tumblr for motivation. I run a ‘fitspo’ blog at where I post things relevant to my fitness goals (currently training for a half marathon) and othrrt inspirational things


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