Life #4

I am currently sat on my couch, watching XFactor, surrounded by tissues; no it’s not upsetting me, I have a horrendous cold and I am unfortunately one of those people who are very pathetic when they are ill. I am hoping that I will wake up tomorrow and it will have disappeared so I can get on with my workouts and (what seems like) none stop day-to-day life.

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The past two weeks have actually been a little less hectic than the previous month, which is great as I am starting to feel more settled. It has also allowed me to really get back into my fitness and health. I have been joining in with the Tone It Up Frisky Fall Challenge, so have been preparing all my meals, eating as clean as possible, and working out twice a day. One of my workouts is always a run and I am starting to enjoy them even more so thanks to my new wireless headphones from Jabra; literally one of my favourite workout gadgets along with my Polar HRM. As a result of the challenge I am already feeling a difference so am looking forward to seeing results on Halloween! I have also added the extra challenge of “October-Fast” which means I won’t be eating any sweets or chocolate until Halloween…. a massive challenge for my sweet tooth!

The other week I went on a brewery tour at my new place of work, which was a great night; I even managed a pint of ale which is a biggy for champagne loving me! Speaking of work; my colleagues found the little kitten above running around near the main road. They rescued him, but the vets have been unable to find out who owns it, so at the moment it’s homeless, so if you are in the Lancashire area and fancy a little feline friend, let me know! We’re desperate to give it a home!

There are a few pictures of my gorgeous puppy George above as I spent last weekend dog sitting at my mums. It was lovely to get back up to Cumbria and to spend some time with my two four-legged friends. I also started my Christmas shopping last weekend. Yes, September is early to get it done, but I get so excited about it and have so many presents to buy I like to start early! I also received a little present from work; an iPad mini. It’s not exclusively mine, but it’s still exciting to get a new toy that I can play with and take on meetings and workshops.

Finally mine and Matt’s new home is having its many benefits; we’ve been spending a few evenings in Manchester seems it’s only 50 minutes on the train. We can jump on the 5 o’clock train and be in a bar sipping on cocktails come 6. It’s great to be in the (kind of) countryside, but still be so close to so many restaurants and bars. We actually spent yesterday in Manchester as Matt had some rather posh executive tickets for the Rugby League Final at Old Trafford; so I managed to battle my cold for the day to enjoy a few glasses of fizz.

Be sure to check out Natalie’s wonderful blog; The Blonde Ethos –  full of beauty, fitness and fashion. If you enjoy my blog you will LOVE hers!


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