The Podium Effect Workout

 I’m sure you have all heard of Lucy Mecklenburgh’s health and fitness plan; Results With Lucy, however there is a new girl on the block… Louise Hazel. You may or may not of heard of Louise, but I’m sure you will have seen her. Louise is an Olympic Hepthathlete turned personal trainer.

The podium effect louise hazel

Much like Lucy’s Health and Fitness plan, Louise has created her own workouts and nutrition guide for those who need the extra push or support to live a healthier life or to get fitter. Her programme; The Podium Effect is a continuous 60 day fitness and nutritional plan based online, that allows you to stream workout videos and download nutritional plans in order to achieve dramatic weight-loss results in the comfort of your own home.

Now much like Results with Lucy, The Podium Effect is not free and costs £9.99 a month; which is in fact cheaper than Results with Lucy, and not too pricey at all compared to a gym membership. However Louise has uploaded three short workouts to her Youtube channel to give you an idea of the type of workouts you receive in her programme and the effort she expects from you to gain the results she promises. The Workouts are the 2 Minute Abs Workout, The 1 Minute Arm Workout and the 2 Minute Glute Workout. Now I thought about just sharing the videos with you so you can gain a free workout, however I found that they moved far too quickly to be able to get a effective workout, so I have created some mini circuits based on the moves shown in the video. This way to can gain a good, effective, short workout and have the video to show you how to do the move.

The Podium Effect 2 Minute Abs Workout – VideoThe podium effect ab workout

The Podium Effect 1 Minute Arm Workout – Video

the podium effect arm workout

The Podium Effect 2 Minute Glute Workout – Video

the podium effect leg workout

I love circuits like this, as they as fast and effective! How about you? Do you enjoy short circuits you can do at home? Would you give Louise’s workout ago? Let me know if you try these workouts.

Be sure to check out Natalie’s wonderful blog; The Blonde Ethos –  full of beauty, fitness and fashion. If you enjoy my blog you will LOVE hers!

One Comment

  1. Amber Felce

    This looks great! My sister has joined Results with Lucy and I'm currently stuck in a gym contract but as soon as it's finished I'm quitting and doing these workouts that are available online it's so much easier! x


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