100 Days Until Christmas

100 days till christmas countdown exercise and workout plan

The title of this blog post is 100 days until Christmas, however it is in fact 97 days till Christmas, but with such a big mile stone it really is the perfect time to reassess where you are and make plans so that you are where you want to be come the big day.

For me Christmas 2013 is my big goal for my health and fitness, it has come around a lot quicker than I thought it would, however this gives me the perfect excuse to kick it up a notch! I want to feel (and look) the best I can for Christmas, so starting this week I have been making a more conscious effort to eat healthier and workout more smartly. A few of you have asked what exactly are my plans, so I thought I would share them with you.

Fitness Plan

Workout twice a day 5-6 times a week; Cardio in the morning and toning/strength in the evening.

For cardio I aim to run for at least 30 minutes or skip for 15. Cardio is perfect for the morning as it not only wakes you up but it also kick starts your metabolism meaning you burn more calories throughout the day compared to if you haven’t worked out… who doesn’t love burning calories while sitting on your bum!

For strength and toning I use trusty YouTube and DVD’s since I’m a none gym goer. I spend quite a bit of time searching YouTube for workouts to do during the week. This next week I plan attempting to complete at least 2 of the workouts below, if not all three each day. However make sure you listen to your body and don’t strain yourself!

Sunday- LEGS-

The Podium Effect 2 Min Glute Workout  &    Tone Up-30Day Butt Lift   Love Your Legs Workout

Monday- ARMS-

 The Podium Effect 1 Min Arm Workout   &   Bridal Babe Workout    Toned Arms Workout

Tuesday- ABS-

The Ultimate Fashion Blogger Workout   &  The Podium Effect 2 Min Abs Workout   Jessica Alba Ab Workout

Wednesday- LEGS-

MaliBooty Workout    Tabata Butt 10 Min Workout    How To Get Legs Like Jennifer Lawrence

Thursday- REST

Friday- ABS & ARMS-

Rapid Abs Workout     Strong & Sexy Upper Body 20min Circuit Workout

Eating Plan

Eating is always where I struggle, sometimes my willpower isn’t strong enough to battle my cravings, so I always eat every couple of hours to ensure I am never hungry. I find that if I am hungry I tend to binge on unhealthy food. So everyday I have three small meals and two snacks. A typical day will look as below;

Breakfast- Greek Yoghurt with banana, chia seeds, coconut & honey or Overnight Oats or Two Ingredient Pancakes

Snack- Nuts or Nakd Bar or Green Smoothie

Lunch- Tomato & Mozzarella Salad or Tuna/Chicken Salad or Sweet Potato with Tuna or Humous and Carrot Sticks

Snacks- Protein Milk or Nuts or Fruit

Dinner– Chicken and Vegetables or Fish and Vegetables

Occasional Extra Snack- Greek yoghurt with honey or Meringue Cookies or Banana and Nutella

I hope this post gives you some idea of my routine over the next few months. It is by no means a suggestion that this would work for you, I am not an expert so cannot advice you personally, only give you an example of what works for me.

How are you planning to meet your goals in 100 days times? If you want to feel your best for Christmas and New Year you need to start now!

Be sure to check out Becci’s gorgeous blog; Only Becci– full of yummy food, amazing recipes, beauty and life.


  1. Alice

    This looks so great!! I have had the most unhealthy week every and I am SO keen to get back on the healthy living bandwagon. I think the goal of Christmas is a great idea- and this is just the kick up the bum I needed! Thanks lovely! xx


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