Killer Bum and Leg Workout

After what seems like a millions years (it was only a week) I am back to blogging, and back with a bang. If you follow me on instagram or Twitter you will of seen me talking about my little business trip last week. As exciting and fun as it was, it isn’t ideal for those who plan their workouts and food as religiously as I normally do, so it was a struggle to ensure I kept on track.

bum and leg day workout

 I admit that my nutrition went out of the window… I ate well for breakfast and lunch, however dinner was the works… I’m talking two to three courses of prawns, chicken, chips, onion rings, pasta, and even a burger! But oh my word the food was amazing (take a peek at the menus), and seems I’m in charge of content for my company, I need to ensure I know what I’m talking about (that’s my excuse!)

Anyways while away I worked out in the gym one morning, however tiredness and a mini hangover meant that a 6am wakeup call before giving a 4 hour long workshop didn’t happen the other mornings, so I resorted to working out in my hotel room. This may seem weird when there was a fully equipped gym downstairs, however I knew that it would be very busy and I wanted to spend my workout time concentrating on me, not trying to find free exercise machines. So I used trusty YouTube for workout videos and came up with the following leg and bum workout.

This leg and bum workout it short, but effective! I really felt it the next day! I don’t know about you but I love leg day, as I can really feel and see the difference in my legs when I work on them, plus its quite humorous not being able to sit down properly the next day! I did each video once through. Give it a go and let me know if you enjoy them!

Aside from squats what are your favourite leg and bum toning moves? What are your favourite Youtube leg and bum workouts… link me up!

Be sure to check out Becci’s gorgeous blog; Only Becci– full of yummy food, amazing recipes, beauty and life.


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