Life #2

What a two weeks I have had! If you read my blog regularly, follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you will know I have started a new job. As exciting as this job is, the hour commute morning and night is very tiring and obviously takes up a lot of time in your day! Thankfully Matt and I have secured a house in the area, and will be moving a week tomorrow! This is very quick and not the best timing as I am away on a business trip for the majority of this next week, so we have been quickly packing this past weekend, and poor Matt is being left to do the rest himself until I come back on Friday.

lifestyle blog 2-tile

Aside from being busy in my new job the past two weeks have also been filled with family and friends. Two weekends ago Matts parents came and visited us and we spent the Bank Holiday weekend wandering around Lake Windermere and drinking in the pubs in Kendal… the way a bank holiday should be spent!
Last weekend was a girly weekend. I visited Manchester for my boyfriends mum’s 50th Birthday, along with a group of her friends and my best friend (who conveniently goes out with my boyfriends brother.) We went on the Friday, and spent the day drinking in bars before a gorgeous dinner at The Alchemist. We then came back to the hotel, changed into our glad rags and spent the night drinking too many cocktails… hello Porn Star Martinis and dancing. A few sore heads were present the next day, so we headed to Leeds and spent the evening eating takeaway and watching X Factor.
After an over indulgent few days, Sunday morning Matt and I were up early and out running. We had a great 4 mile run in the park and I finished it off with some of my favourite YouTube workouts. I have actually been struggling to get my workouts in as I have been so exhausted thanks to the long commute, but thankfully this next week I’m staying in hotels so will get a small lie in, then the week after I will of moved so will be able to get into more of a routine and explore my new area with some long runs around the park and streets.
I don’t know about you but I’m enjoying the change of seasons. The misty morning picture above makes me excited about crisp mornings, colourful trees, boots, scarves and hats! I have actually started my Christmas shopping, so Autumn is definitely underway in my house!
So after a busy few weeks, and a busy week ahead. Matt and I have spent today cuddled up on the sofa after a few too many drinks last night. Matt’s been nursing a sore head and I’ve been busy packing for my week of workshops and presentations down south, and blogging!
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