Maxinutrition Protein Milk | Review

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You may or may not know I am a massive fan of protein. No I am not a body builder, nor am I looking to bulk up… in fact I am after the opposite… I want to lose weight and gain toned muscles. However I know that protein is perfect for those wanting to do this also, it’s not just for body builders…. protein is important for not only muscles but your bones, skin and hair! Protein should be one of the most important food groups in your diet, like carbs they are great for filling you up, however they don’t have the negatives, it has less sugar and doesn’t make you bloat like carbs do for some people like me.

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I try to get protein in every single meal of mine, I don’t over do it, as there is no benefit in over eating protein, but I find that little and often is best for me. On a typical day I will have spinach in my breakfast smoothie, nuts for snacks, eggs in my salad, peanut butter on everything and anything and I eat chicken pretty much every day.

The biggest issue of mine was my desire to find a suitable protein drink or shake. I had previously tried the Maxitone Sculptress Powder but wasn’t happy with the huge list of ingredients in it as I like to eat as clean as possible, so when Maxinutrition got in contact and ask if I would like to try their Maxinutrition Protein Milk* I jumped at the chance. This pre-packed, premade protein drink was exactly what I was after; something I can grab on the go, have as a snack and use to refuel after my evening workouts.

Maxinutrition says that “Protein Milk is packed full of protein to keep your muscles in tip top shape. It contains a blend of skimmed milk proteins and is virtually fat free with no added sugar. It’s a great option for an on the go refreshing drink. Perfect for anyone looking to meet their general protein needs.”

I absolutely love Maxinutrition’s Protein Milk! I have been having it at different times during the day as it really is a great go to snack. I have one in my bag at all times and a couple in my desk drawer. As you don’t need to refrigerate them they really are very versatile and the perfect go to drink. I usually have mine after my workout to repair my muscles and with only 135 calories per drink it is completely guilt free! However they are ideally suited for a quick breakfast paired with a banana or a snack during the day. I could not recommend these enough!

Have you ever tried Maxinutrition Protein Milk? What other quick and easy protein drinks would you recommend?

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  1. kimbers

    I just got one of these as a freebie on the way to work, it was pretty grim, there was a few cm of gooey clumped up gunk at the bottom that wouldnt resuspend no matter how much I shook it.
    Ill stick with my regular chocolate milk!


      1. fcantusaldivar

        I tried the strawberry flavor and it was good. Just now I opened the chocolate one and it was fine until I stumbled upon the gooey monster at the bottom… eww… Is that normal in this product?


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