The importance of preparing your meals for weight loss

 If you follow me on Instagram you will of seen my excitement last week about my new lunch box. To many, new lunch box excitement is something you left behind when you left school, however for myself and others who still prepare our meals each day the humble lunch box is still important, so when you find one as cute as the one above, it’s exciting!

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I decided to create this blog post to help those who have no idea about the importance of preparing your meals. For those with will power preparing your meals may not be as important, but for those of you who are like me, I cannot stress enough the importance of preparing your meals in advance. I am very organised and actually have a recipe book full of magazine clippings of recipes that I use regularly, and every weekend Matt and I chose which meals we will be having for the week, so that when we do our weekly shop we buy only the ingredients needed for the healthy meals we have planned. This help me as it save walking aimlessly around the supermarket picking up naughty nibbles that I really don’t need. As a result I always have a fridge full of healthy food that won’t go to waste as it is all allocated for specific days.

The first image on the left is one taken from tumblr that shows preparation in the extreme. I very rarely prepare more than one day in advance as I like to make sure my food is as fresh as possible, and I think preparing salads for the entire week would cause them to go a bit limp. So personally I set aside 20 minutes each evening to prepare my breakfast, snacks and lunch for the next day.  This is why my lunchbox excites me as it has numerous compartments; my lunch goes in the large bottom compartment then I fill the three smaller top compartments with snacks such as carrots and humous, nuts, raisons, fruit etc. I bought my lunchbox from Asda for only £4 and am very impressed with it. It does come in various other colour for those who don’t fancy the bright pink!

So why is preparing your meals important for weight loss? Well it saves you from grabbing the nearest thing when you are hungry! How many times have you prepared only your lunch, but become hungry at 3/4 o clock in the afternoon and grabbed a bag of crisps, or given into the temptation of the office cakes and biscuits? These sly snacks can completely sabotage your efforts at healthy eating. So if you prepare each of your meals in advance and always have healthy snacks to hand there is NO EXCUSE to not eat healthily! Plus by preparing your lunch each day you will save yourself so much money! Yes the salads from Marks and Spencer or Pret A Manger are very yummy, but they not only come at a cost but you don’t really know the contents unless you study the ingredients list religiously. If you make your own meals you know exactly what you are eating!

Below is an idea of simple snacks you could prepare for your lunchbox;

Do you prepare your lunches each day? Or do you struggle to know what to prepare? What are your favourite healthy snacks?

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  1. Rachel H

    Ooh I have this lunchbox! I love meal planning and being prepared – it helps for a healthy diet and also for a tight budget. My go-to-healthy snack is edamame beans, Waitrose sell frozen bags of them. 2 mins in the microwave, bit of salt and you have a healthy and filling snack. x


  2. Lisa Goodman

    Love this post, I make my lunches religiously to take into work with me although I'm not always so good with preparing snacks. Luckily my fortnightly Graze box helps me out in that department although as of this week I will be preparing small healthy snacks for work as well as my usual lunches.Lx


  3. threeyearsonblog

    A few of us in work have that lunchbox, and it's now turned into a competition to see who can fill all the compartments with the best stuff! It really does make all the difference taking the time to pack it the night before though, I always feel so much better. Will have to try some of your suggestions 🙂


  4. Pink Pom Poms

    I have a total lunch box obsession! I have that one, and others in the same range. I love the salad one, and the breakfast one which has compartments for cereal and milk, or yoghurt as I prefer. I do try to be organised and pack my breakfast and lunch the night before, as I know i'll never do it at 6.30am! I will need to look at your suggestions for a bit of variety in my lunches, as I am getting bored of salad all the time.Anna x


  5. Louise@FitRadiance

    Love this! Food prep is essential for me. I take my lunchbox to work everyday 🙂 I usually pack a healthy sandwich and either my homemade brownies or nuts. My go to snacks would have to be Greek style yogurt, protein shakes and peanut butter straight out the jar! haha.


  6. Sakshi Jaiswal

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