Zaggora Viva Capri Hot Pants | Review

Zagora hot pants review

I have always been intrigued by Zaggoras Hot Pants, but just could not justify spending £70 on a pair of pants that may just be a gimmick… I’m not one to buy into things easily seems I work in marketing myself. However I was lucky enough to win a pair of Zaggora Viva Capri Hot-Pants* on my birthday in May.


My first experience with Zaggora weren’t great as I had to wait for a month for my prize to arrive but when they did finally arrive I tried them on straight away as I was worried about the sizing. I had ordered a size S, as I was in-between a S-M size, and seems Zaggora claim you lose weight and inches in two weeks of wearing the pants then I thought I’d best get the small and slim into them. I was pleased to see that they did fit after a lot of squeezing, pulling and sweating! So armed with my new bright purple pants I took them out for a run.

The first thing you notice is the noise! Oh my word they are noisy! If you are a shy person then you probably don’t want to be wearing bright purple noisy pants. However if you have thighs that don’t touch then this won’t effect you. So to put me off the noise I turned up my music and set off for a run. I actually felt quite confident when wearing the pants because they are like running in a pair of spanx… they pull in your tummy, legs and bum and are very flattering! It took me a little while to get used to the tightness of the pants, as they are obviously a bit more restricting than regular running leggings, however I could still run at my normal pace.

I really put my pants to the test when I attended bootcamp, as there is a lot of running, jumping and crawling. My fellow bootcampers thought it was very funny seems they could hear me before they could see me with my swishy pants. At bootcamp was when I first noticed the “Hot Pants” work. I was about half way through the class when I felt a trickling down my calf and found that my legs were sweaty so much because of the Zaggora pants that sweat was dripping down my thighs and seeping through the bottom of the pants and at parts through the seems. So the technology behind the pants definitely works, I sweat a hell of a lot more while wearing them. A little embarrassing walking home with a sweaty bum!

So do they work? Well Zaggora claim that their “Hot Pants technology” help you lose weight and inches quickly. I put my Zaggora pants to test for 6 weeks, wearing them 6 days a week for at least half an hour, and although I can’t say if I lost weight (I don’t weigh myself) I can say that I did lose inches. I lost 1.5 inches from my bum and hips and feel a hell of a lot more toned. I still have cellulite so it didn’t get rid of that, but the pants leave your skin very smooth and do help with the tone in your legs and bum… but then again so does exercise!

So what’s my final opinion? I think that the Zaggora pants are a good workout pants once you get over the noise as that is a little embarrassing and hard to explain. I like that they are colourful and tight fitting as it makes me feel more confident when I’m working out. They are very flattering, look good and help improve your skin tone. However I don’t think I would buy them myself as they are a little out of my price range as I buy and wear a lot of workout clothes so need them to be affordable.

Have you ever tried the Zaggora Workout Pants? What did you think about the noise? Have you been tempted to give them ago?

Check out Sami’s gorgeous lifestyle blog; That Red Head Said; full of food, life, mental health and beauty.  I love how her blog is honest down to earth, a mix of topics  and regularly updated.


  1. Jayne Becca

    I've always been intrigued by these as well. I don't think I would buy them myself but I think that if they work & someone does want to pay the price that's great! Whatever works for you right? Good review 🙂 xx


  2. Flora Amies

    Cat, discovering your blog has just come at exactly the right time for me! I'm moving out with my boyfriend in to our own flat in the next week or so, and we're planning a HUGE shake up to our diet and exercise. We're both a healthy weight and we eat well but we've become very lazy over the summer and as we no longer walk the 40 minutes work each way (and will spend most the day at a desk), it's become really necessary to schedule some proper exercise.My boyfriend is a really good long distance runner, so he's going to start training me and we're going to plan out some circuit training, as well as doing yoga and sensible weight lifting too. I'm so excited to start and I'm REALLY pleased that I've found your blog for encouragement and inspiration. I know your posts are going to come in SO useful!Flora


  3. Hannah Bee

    I love my zaggora, they definitely up the sweat factor the only downfalls apart from the noise and the pricetag are a) they are so tight, one pair of my shorts ripped on the bum doing squats EMBARRASING and b) the ''drop 2 jeans sizes in 2 weeks '' challenge which NO ONE has actually done… hmmm. hannah beexo


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