Life #1

Since I wrote my blog post last week “New Challenges- A Life Update” I’ve been thinking that as much as I love my blog and the way it has been developing I feel like there is less of “me” in the blog posts. I don’t know whether you think this, or if it’s because I’ve been busy of late; either way it’s going to change! Yes my blog does primarily focus on health and fitness however for me it is also a personal diary and a “Lifestyle Blog”, so starting this week I am posting this blog post “Life” fortnightly so you can find out more about what I have been up to, what I am enjoying and what is motivating me.

lifestyle blog 1-tile

You may be reading this thinking you don’t really care about what I’ve been up to however I know that some of my readers (mainly my friends and family) will care.

If you read the blog post “ New Challenges” then you will know that I have recently started a new job and am in the process of moving to a completely new area of the country (even if it is only the next county down). As I was leaving a lovely company behind they were kind enough to throw me a leaving do, which resulting in me spending much of Saturday like photo 2. It was a great night, a late one which included lots of dancing! I started my new job on Wednesday and am very happy and relieved to find that my new colleagues are very kind, have been very welcoming and are happy to show me the ropes. I have had a few days to find my feet and have already started work on a number of tasks, so I’m excited to see what the future hold in my new position and company! So far the only downside to my new job is it’s location next to a million shops which I love! Already I have spent a lunch break indulging in some Primark shopping, hence the new cute pyjamas pictured above!

As I am moving out of Cumbria I am unhappy to be leaving behind my wonderful friends at Kendal Bootcamp. I have been making the most of the sessions I have left and been working hard and having lots of laughs, however I am already researching bootcamp classes in my new location and planning running routes so I can hit the ground running when I move! As I mentioned in my latest Wednesday’s Workout blog post I feel like I’ve been slacking on my fitness recently so have challenged myself with the 30 Day Burpee Challenge! Are you going to give it a try?

Food wise I have been loving my Yoo Moo Frozen Yoghurt as the perfect sweet treat after dinner sat in front of the tele! At only 160 calories per pot I can satisfy my relentless sweet tooth guilt free! To help my fitness journey the lovely people at Dr Zak’s and Maxinutriton kindly sent me some products to try. I have managed to nibble my way through Dr Zak’s High Protein Bread and you can find out my thoughts on it tomorrow! My Maxinutirtion drinks landed in my post-box on Friday so I have only just started trailing them, but even after the first one yesterday morning after bootcamp I know I love them! A protein drink to help my recovery after workouts that taste like strawberry milkshake is a winner for me!

Finally I hit 900 followers on bloglovin yesterday… yeah!!! As much as I blog for me, to know that there are 900 people who enjoy my writing and blog makes me a very happy girl, so thankyou so much! I’m getting very excited about hitting four figures sometime soon.


  1. Christina L

    exciting times ahead! I really enjoyed catching up on all your news, you work so hard on your fitness and blog, you deserve all this good news! I'm going to start the Burpee challenge, i need to get active ! 🙂


  2. Lisa Goodman

    It's always nice to get an idea of someone's lifestyle and other interests, it helps you connect with them on a more personal level. I do a similar thing with my blog in terms of little lifestyle updates. Glad to hear the new job is going well. How are you getting on with the burpees challenge? I did some at my circuits session on Saturday and found it really hard!Also, as you have so many lovely followers, can you recommend any other Health & Fitness bloggers I should be following? I'm trying to connect with people and leave comments on their blogs but I'm struggling to gain new followers, any tips would be appreciated :)Lx


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