Slimsticks Review

slim sticks review

For many the battle to lose weight is portion control. Many people over eat and don’t even realise they are, so when they try to lose weight and attempt to control their portion sizes, the hunger hits. When hunger strikes people very often grab the easiest thing they can get their hands on; very often this can be a bag of crisps or chocolate. Chocolate and crisp are not too bad for you in moderation, but if you are continually eating these in a battle to cure your hunger you can easily eat an extra 1400 calories in a week, which is a whole days worth of calories!

I myself was guilty of over eating. When I first moved home after university and went back to portion sizes I used to eat that my mum still eats I felt like I was being starved. I was always hungry, but after a few months I became used to eating smaller portions. If you are one of those who have recently decided to reduce their portion sizes then there are many products on the market that can help if the hunger is just too much to battle. Slimsticks* is one such a product. Slimsticks is a food supplement that quickly gets to work and stops you thinking about food. Slimsticks helps you feel full and cut out snacking.

Slimsticks contains Konjac which expands in the stomach making you feel full very quickly. With more liquid consumed the feeling of fullness increases. Three to four hours after having your Slimstick drink the palm and oats oils get to work. Your brain senses undigested fat telling you are still full or not hungry. This ensures that you stay fuller for longer. Slimsticks then digest through your colon. With only 40 calories in a Slimstick drink you won’t ingest too many empty calories.

Essentially Slimsticks is a filler. A product that makes you feel full without having to eat anything. The idea is that you take your Slimstick drink about half and hour before your meal and you won’t over eat as you will feel fuller quicker and for longer. In this way Slimsticks is ideal for those starting out on their weight loss journey who are struggling with the smaller portion sizes and hunger. Slimsticks can help you feel full despite reducing your food or calorie intake. In my opinion they aren’t a long term option, but a tool to help those first starting out.

I was very sceptical of Slimsticks but decided to give them a trial , not because I struggle with hunger but to see if they actually do help you feel full and I was pleasantly surprised. I waited until I was feeling hungry and ready for my lunch and would drink a Slimsticks drink, pretty much as soon as I had finished the drink I felt my hunger subside. The drink does expand when in your stomach and stops you feeling hungry. After my Slimsticks drink I would eat my lunch at a much slower pace and found that I would not get my usual 3/4 o clock cravings as I was still feeling full. The drink itself for me was a little strange to drink, yes it tastes like strawberry, but the texture for me was a little weird and not the most pleasant. But in a bid to give it a fair trial and review I made it and downed it each day for 10 days.  I can’t say if I lost weight as I don’t weight myself, but I did feel less hungry and fuller for longer. I wouldn’t use these personally as I prefer to eat clean and fillers don’t have a place in my “Food is fuel” lifestyle.

Do you struggle with your portion sizes? Have you ever heard or tried Slimsticks? Are there other products that a similar to this on the market that you have tried?

Check out Sami’s gorgeous lifestyle blog; That Red Head Said; full of food, life, mental health and beauty.  I love how her blog is honest down to earth, a mix of topics  and regularly updated.


  1. Lisa Goodman

    I do struggle with my portion sizes on occasion, I've found recently whilst doing the 5:2 diet that their portion sizes are much smaller than what I'm normally used to. Having said that I agree with you on the clean eating front so might not try these products, but they certainly sound like an interesting idea.Lx


  2. Beth Price

    These sound really good. I don't struggle too much with portion control but I often find myself getting hungry as couple of hours before dinner and reaching for the biscuits. Maybe I should give these a try instead!Beth


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